Wednesday, September 4, 2013

~ My Saturday ~

I was a Tint Virgin, Never done it before ;-)

So I looked up a few videos online. Watched the best one a couple times. Good thing, because I really had no idea about the ins and outs of getting it done like a pro.  Still talking about window tint here... ;-)

Just being silly :-) I did the back 3 window, and I think I did a pretty good job, especially since this was my first time and all... ok I'm gonna stop talking now....

I took a pic if you wanna see :-)

And I did it all by myself, well not totally. My daughter helped me transfer the back window tint to the inside. Had some wind to contend with. So I figured I should be smart and get a little help for at least that part. 

I mention "all by myself" because I was apparently suppose to be the helper?? Sometimes I'd ratter work alone anyways. I'm happy with it :-)

I wonder how many of you are looking for a reflection. I say that because I've done it before. You know, trying to put a face behind the words ;-)


idahobob said...

Of course, I'm looking for a reflection.....but no such luck.


And a good tint job it was, my dear. :-)


mike said...

Ya done good! And so did your helper! Fine job for first-timers!

billf said...

Looks good to me,congrats.
I don't need to see a reflection,I already know what I think you should look like.