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Sunday, April 1, 2018

Happy Easter !!

Hope y'all are having a nice weekend :-)

Had to stop in for a post.

I'm not sure if the carrot is for me, or you guys.
Maybe a little of both ;-)

For now... Yes I'm ok.
And no, I'm not quitting the blog. Just on hold.

To simplify, I've hit a few bumps in the road, where the "expected" smooth transition of my blog from past to present is concerned. Starting over, or better yet, having the opportunity the follow the path you've always longed for, sometimes leaves you a bit disoriented. I'm on the right track, just meandering a little....

I don't mind, the view is beautiful, I just want more of it ;-)

Monday, September 25, 2017

~ Blog Evolution ~

Someone once told me : "On se fait le cadeau d'une vie"
...loosely translated: "Give yourself the Gift of Life"

 It kinda stuck with me, and helped me push through a very difficult chapter, helping me realize what I did want out of life. I'm in a better place now, and feel I need to dot a few i's were the blog is concerned.

I kinda put My World on the backburner lately,
all the while knowing I couldn't stay away
for too long.

Monday, June 5, 2017

I Swear, It Was This Big !!

No Seriously, a glimpse at what
I've been up to lately.....

Almost done clearing ;-)

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Fun Times :P

No, I'm not on vacation...
but I did get to wade in inches of water a couple weeks ago.
Straight off my bed as my feet hit the floor !!!

Consider mild temperatures last November, quick snow melt and excessive rain, along with living in a "renovated" basement apartment of a half century old building, all of which adds up to a recipe for disaster. A perfect storm of epic proportions, uh... not so much... more like, at a minor scale, thank God... but none the less, left me running around in my underwear, frantically trying to gain control of the situation.

I give justified praise to my spin mop, for obvious reasons, and the not so subtle hills and valleys of the original floor, hiding under the new "pretend slate" vinyl. Despite the fact that everything is on one level, the kitchen and a few room corners remained dry, will the rest of the apartment was drenched in melted snirt, a couple inches deep in most of the bedrooms, living room, and bathroom. I had started packing for the move, and my daughter's room still had boxes on the floor, that hadn't made it out to her new life yet. Cardboard does love water... damn it! But I could breathe a sigh of relief as I noticed that the high spots on the floor saved a few items from soaking in the lovely moat, that appeared in my home overnight. 

I was able to save most it, and didn't forget to count my blessings... like the fact that I have a non-leaking roof over my head, and a septic system that is not backing up every couple years. Been there, done that.... Moving on.

Speaking of snirt... here's a pic I took a few weeks ago at the mall parking lot.

Canadian Snirt Mountain ~ Ain't it lovely !!

I'm happy to say, the apartment is still dry, and most of the snirt is gone bye now.  I actually see a few strands of green, way way over there, across the apartment parking lot. About time!

I know, I know... A lot of you have leaves in your trees :/
So? How many times have you mowed so far? :P ;-)

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Be Right Back....

~ I got a few things to tweak ~

Monday, October 17, 2016

The Sky Was On Fire

     This was the view from my workshop a few days ago. It looked like the whole sky was on fire. To think, this will be the living paintings I'll get to enjoy everyday from my bedroom and kitchen windows, just a few months from now.

You can't see on these pictures, but there's mountain views too. My spot is kind of on a hillside, so I sit above the neighbor's roof. I do like being on top ;-)

The scenery is beautiful year round, and being out in the country, the absence of city lights make the night sky truly breathtaking. Yes, I will have a skylight.

The view will change before the house goes up. The same skyline of course, minus a few trees that are leaning towards the power lines, or where the buildings "are". And since my woodlot was dense with trees when I first got it, a lot of the trees tend to be pretty lanky, oxymoron right there. I was reluctant to cut them down at fist, trying to keep as many as I could, but I realized I could plant whatever I wanted, and I get to keep the wood... I love having my own little piece of Paradise on Earth !! :D

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Hey There !!

Good News: I am home, safe and sound. 

Bad News: A setback has put a damper on my plans....

It seems the builder I was scheduled to work with decided to temporarily drop a few smaller clients to take on a bigger contract. That means that instead of having my house ready for delivery by October, they want to deliver in December.

I live in Canada !! That's not feasible !!!
So reluctantly, I will reschedule my project for the spring.

I did get quotes from other builders, hoping to still pull off my plans, but of course, they were more expensive. Honestly, I'm kinda glad they were, because I still prefer the work of my original builder.

I have to look a it in a good light. More time to tweak my plans, which I like. And a few extra weeks to work on felling the rest of the trees that need to go before excavation (Part Deux) can begin. Between meetings, playing phone tag to reschedule my trades, and work, I've been pretty busy.

The extra 5 to 6 months of apartment bills kinda suck. Not what I expected. Such is life at times. I will have to work my butt off to compensate though. Fun times, I like to think that I still have things under control ;-)

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

In Case Y'all Didn't Notice....

Started playing on Twitter a few days ago. If you're curious, you can take a peek through one of my links. Either by clicking on the "MissK on Twitter" tab below my Header Pic, or check out the Live Feed on my left sidebar. Lots of good stuff on there. If you're on Twitter too, just gimme a follow, either way, you can look... ;-)

Friday, November 27, 2015

Belated Turkey Day!

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving :-)
I went on a little road trip with my daughter yesterday.
You could call it a scavenger hunt I guess....

Friday, September 11, 2015

Need Input Here...

As most of you know, I've been recently empty nested by my Lovely Valedictorian Daughter. Yes, I'm still very proud of her, and all the hard work she put in ;-)

Now with that comes many many University related bills. I crunched the numbers, and with a pretty tight budget, I have figured out the minimal amount of funds needed for her to attend the University of her choice, which is less then an hour from home, thank God. Now this is where my request lies, no, not money, sillies... Just perspective. Although a few tips would not be frowned upon ;-)

But seriously, I know a lot of you have put your kids through school, and I'm just wondering what a typical year cost for different people. Living expenses also count, obviously, as having your child sleep on the street, starving, lonely and cold would not be very conducive with providing them with a quality education.

I'm asking because, being recently divorced, I'm having to defend the fact that University Fees are way more than the ONE bill the chosen establishment is charging us with.

So how much does a typical year of University cost?

~ They Do Exist ~

I had a "Nice Cop" incident the other night...

I got pulled over for speeding... Ooops! Not a surprise considering it was 2am, and me and this cop where the only cars in town... Seriously, I had the run of the place ;-)  But I was a "Good Girl" and cooperated fully. After all, I was speeding. We got to talking, about our kids, and University, and the fact that I was just getting home and wanting to get to bed asap. Come to think of it, he didn't even ask me for my papers. This is a small town, but still, I've met a few power hungry cops who think they're above the law, so it was kinda nice to get pulled over by a "human" cop.  So NO Ticket!! And I had my hands on the wheel, the whole time ;-)

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

What a Ride!!

Just realized I missed my Blog Anniversary :(
Tree days ago...

Uh... I mean three, like September 6th.
Been hanging around the woodlot lately, can you tell... ;-)

Saturday, August 29, 2015

~ My New Phone ~

I had the the S4mini before. I liked it, but it was getting
kinda hard to do all the random stuff I like ;-)

The basics are similar, so the learning curve ain't too bad.
Anyone out there using the Note 4?

Friday, August 28, 2015

Just Revamped My BlogRoll :)

I made a few changes to My Blog Roll Page.
Cleaned it up, added a few banners, got a few more in the works.

My other pages are way overdue for an overhaul too...
Working on it ;-)

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Just a Few Days Away...

A Life Journey ~ MissK Style

I know a lot of you have been through this before...

Friday, August 14, 2015

What The Hell You People Looking For?

How do random people end up on my blog?

I looked at my stats to see what key words people
type into search engines....

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Good Morning!! :)

One step at a time, things are moving forward.

My daughter has graduated and moving on to the next phase of her life. We still have lots to do, prepping her for University, but things are on schedule :-)

Now on my end, my little woodlot is feeling more and more like home. I'm getting fairly organized for getting out there and doing some work. Still at the clearing stage, but I got a few surprises in place ;-)

I would like to focus more attention on my blog. I've been neglecting it and I don't like that :( I'm not the same as I was when I first started, but I'm still me... perhaps a little more grounded and a lot more independent. So let's where this road takes us... ;-)

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

"Life" is a Journey!

I'd like to start updating My Pages above,
Hopefully later today this week.
I'll post a heads up when I do :-)

A Message To My Readers

I have a few words I'd like to share with my readers. Don't worry, It's not bad ;-)

Those of you who have been around for a while know that MyWorld has gone trough changes. I've always been a little random about the things I choose to post, that part still works for me because many things interest me. But clearly something doesn't work at the moment, or I'd be posting way more. I've been contemplating over this for a while, because I really do care about my blog, and it's presence online. And I am sad that MyWorld has fallen short of what I know it can be. It's "My World" and MY Responsibility to make it work.

My life has really changed lately, including my reasons for posting. I use to crave posting as a way to "Escape". That need is no longer there, since I'm finally in a place where "My Rules" apply in real life. I have so much to look forward to, and the only person standing in my way is myself. I know better now, and I'd like to have my wings back, thank you ;-)

As far as my blog goes, I've come up with a basic plan. A little more structure, that's all. Something I've avoided in the past.

I have different goals now, and they do include a blog I can enjoy. So I will focus on posting more often. I have lots of material, and I'm constantly collecting things I stumble on in the interest of sharing them. I just need to take the whip out on myself, so to speak. Find a format that works for me, in the life I have now, and get posting.

Obviously, I'll be tweaking a few things over time. I wanna bring back some favorites, and hopefully share more personal stuff as time goes on. No pressure, just LIFE <3

And way more posting ;-)

Sunday, March 22, 2015

You Referring To My Lack of Posting?

I'm gonna have to agree with the pussy on that one...