Saturday, November 30, 2013

Way Too Kind...

In the hopes of giving you a blurry image, I waited to post this. At least 'til some of you had a few brewskies in ya. So here's my thought. The caption on the pic is way too kind. How 'bout getting a little more real?? By all means, Caption This...

~ Imbibe ~

Have an awesome Saturday Night ;-)

Take Note.

Could Be The Only Way :/


Having a Busy Day....

Had to pop in to say Hey, and hopefully post a few things... ;-)

Attn: Lurker from Boone

I was looking through my spam to see if I had missed anything lately. I came across an Anonymous comment that had been made a few weeks ago. Sometimes they go directly into my spam folder, so I check it once in a while, just in case. And since I found something, I figured I should make a little update post to let this person know, it was not intentionally left out. If this happened to others, my apologies. If I find more, I'll let y'All know ;-) 

So, "Lurker from Boone", if you're still around.... your comment is posted <-- Click the link if you wanna see :-)

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Special Edition Pic Dump ~ Relationships...

...Are not always as they seem ;-)

Hump Day Hotties ~ Classic Curves ;)

Well? Did Ya? :D

~ Killer Food ~

Ever wonder why your mouth hurts
after you eat some pineapple?
Especially if you suck on it...

Great, now I'm hungry... ;-)

I Know The Feeling :/

Happy Hump Day!!

Mother Nature is being Very Moody today. We got more snow overnight and now it's freezing rain. Bitch! It's gonna rain hard all day, then freeze tonight. All the driveways and parking lots will be just like ice rinks for the rest of the winter. Fun. At least Mini Me gets to stay home from school.  And I'm not working out of the house today. I think I'm gonna make a fire and curl up under a blanket until the house warms up.....
Then I'll get busy ;-)

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

That Time of Year Again... and Again...

Wirecutter & Pelosi... Wait? What??

Ever wonder what Wirecutter and Nancy Pelosi would look like as Sonny & Cher?
Probably not. But now that I got you wondering about it, you could check out this little video that someone sent me by email. 

That Pelosi chick is one ugly bitch, but Wirecutter's kinda cute :D

Personalize funny videos and birthday eCards at JibJab!

Here's The Link if the Vid don't work.

-Credit for this little masterpiece goes to Paul ;-)

My New Igloo :)

Worked my ass off and finally got her done ;-)

Well then, it's that time of year again. Where everyday yelds fridgid below freezing temps. And since our cold Canadian winter is here to stay, for a few months anyways, I got busy making myself a cozy igloo. I aimed to make it very internet friendly this year. I'm hoping to find more time to post here and there. And if I still can't do it as much as I would like, I just might sick my polar bear on him... ;D

Pretty Reds for Guttridge :)

Looking back at you...

Sending good thoughts your way ;-)

What if it Was YOUR Loved One? :(

I really hope those punk ass bastards who play
the "Knockout Game" get what they deserve!!

Just One Of Those Days...

Get up, shake it off, and try again... ;-)

I Think I'm Still Dreaming....

Good Morning :-)

Monday, November 25, 2013

Be A Tiger :)

For PioneerPreppy... ;)

~ A Moose ~

Synchronized Mudding

Ouch! That's gotta hurt...

You Got It?

Crap! Muchmed Jemima Was Real?? :/

You Gotta Do What You Gotta Do...

The "Hunt"

Would you?

Snatched from Wirecutter

Let me guess... Odie needs a cold shower ;-)
Well, you did here :D

This Would Make Things a Little Warmer..

Who knew a bathroom could be sexy... ;-)

Good Morning :)

The sun is shinning but it's cold and windy as hell...

It's still Quiet Monday... That trumps everything ;-)

Sunday, November 24, 2013

No, That's Perfect ;)

There's a "Crack" in The Case... ;)

Substitute "Jack" for "Rob"

Awesome Find!!

Can't believe I never found this place before...

He calls it like it is and puts up
straightforward shit that makes you think....
Just the way I like it ;-)

Hungry Pussy ;)

Where the Fuck's my Chow?

MissK ~ The Younger Years

Random Pic Dump #7

???... Up to you... ;-)

Good Morning :)


I didn't have time to look for a stormier pic,
but it's definitely Cuddle Weather... ;-)

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Oh Yeah! Way To Camo Dude ;)

Seems Legit

~ Whatever Works ~

So THAT's Where Bacon Bits Come From...

Would You Go In?


What? I'm Canadian, eh... ;-)

~ Rise & Shine ~

Good Morning Sunshine :-)

All the snow had melted, but it stormed overnight.
Bye bye lawn. This time it's here to stay.

Gonna have to look into my igloo plans asap.
Thinking bout making it more internet friendly this year ;-)