Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Awesome Slow Motion ~ Love These

Happy Halloween Everyone :)

 Where's Waldo?...

~ Actual painted ceiling ~

I Like Erika ~ Hot Chick ;)

Range Time with Cory & Erika - 
Erika shooting Serbu BFG-50A .50 BMG

DeNihilist posted this link in a comment over 
at Wirecutter's " How to carve a punkin" Had to Grab.. ;-)

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Obama’s Choices: Lose or Be Impeached

A Great Article from "Canada Free Press"

Leading From Behind: Dazed & Confused Barack Dragging USA Into Swirl of Chaos

Benghazi, Libya—Biopsy 

From a Malignant, Failed Presidency

Whatever happened to Barack the world’s smartest leader and incomparable statesman? Those days are gone forever. Instead, it would be impossible to catalog the staggering list of ill-advised, mistaken, foolish, naive and utterly inane decisions by Obama and his administration. So, instead—let us use a single Obama catastrophe...

I Wonder?...

Best Cure for the Bruised Ego...

Okay, maybe not the best.. still funny 

"Oh Yeah... Tanning Yeah"

~ Good Tan ~

~ HOT Tan ~

~ Bad Tan ~
 ..Ewwww That is one pink Ass

Don't Be a Fucking Sheep!!!


Sure is Warm & Muggy Today.. Eh Dad?

Don't be Messin' with This Pussy!!

Sampling the Appetizer...

"Look Daddy! Horses"


A Good Stew?...

Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane SANDY

"It's coming, Hurricane Sandy that is, 
and it could be one for the record books"

Lots of people will be affected by this :( Be safe.
For those in the path of Sandy who wish to do so, please comment on how it is in your area, let us know you and your family are okay, if you still have power that is...

Impressive!!! ~ PLEASE WATCH & SPREAD!!

I have a vision, that by election time, this man's "dirty little secrets" will be exposed for the world to see, and he will be stoned booed off stage by his "beloved followers" :P He makes me wanna puke!!

Hey, A girl can dream... btw, my actual "dream" for this SOB is not so rosy....

Adding this Video... THIS IS CRAZY SHIT!!!!
"This president didn't CARE enough.."
Sent in by Terry, thank you.

Many of you already have... but link this these Videos, 
email them to friends, get the message out there, 
because "The Big Guy" wants y'all in the dark.... 
32,000 views a few hours ago, 
now up to almost 51,000 75,000

I saw it at Gottagetdrunkfirst
originally Posted by Wirecutter
Thank you Boys.


I have to add this... Posted by AngryMike.

"The MSM has ignored all the facts on Benghazi, We the ppl have to stand up and tell these mother fuckers we are not the sheeple they think we are. Our ambassador was killed in cold blood while the Emperor slept. Wake up ppl lets take our country back without a shot being fired............"

Well said, thank you Mike :-)

Tasty Beefcakes & Babes

Hope These are Worth the Wait ~ Been a Busy Week-end.

Libtrash you say... Pic #2 OUT !!!

Tasty Hotness....

Friday, October 26, 2012

The Acorn Sucks Ass....

Is there anything reliable 
about the Voting System?? At all??

Sent in from Wiserangel. 

Beefcakes & Then Some... to Come Later... ;)

An extra teaser.
The real stuff comes later.... ;-)

Reposting... Because I Really Wanna Know...

Who has ever eaten this?.... :-)
Real Home Made Canadian Poutine.

Red potatoes, they're sweet.

My daughter took a pic of her take-out poutine, 
she agrees with y'all, mine looks messy ;-)
Her words: "looks like fishy vomit" Thanks dear :P

One I found online, I KNOW what it tastes like 
so I think this one looks yumi.. 
I know, I know, you guys think it's gross :P

This one has graded mozzarella cheese instead of curds.

This is for you Angel, 
Deep-fried battered cheese "turds" Mwah-hahahahaha!!