Monday, September 9, 2013

Inked Hotties ~ Redhead Edition ;)

Hey Bob! :-)
Redheads, Freckles & Ink, oh my...

But I did have an ulterior motive... dah ;-)

~ A Dedication with a message ~

So is this how it's gonna be? I find you a awesome new horse, and you ride off into the sunset never to be seen again??... I think maybe you did more then cause a little ruckus over at the watering hole, eh Dusty. Kinda makes a girl wonder, ya know ;-)

Now since you like the ink so much, 
perhaps some tattooed reds
could help draw you out of the woodwork... 
We shall see..

Sincerely, MissK :P


guttridgeg1 said...

Nothing like a red with ink
Morning MissK :-)

billf said...

Hey Missk,love them redheads.Any chance to see more of #4 ?

David Forward said...

Some good looking ink. However, in general I find ink detracts from the natural beauty and radiance of a woman. Would you paint a picture on a painting by Michelangelo to "improve" a jazz drum solo during a Mozart performance?

Anonymous said...

tastefull, small and sensual at the base of the neck
plus freckles
been busy digging potatos and picking watermelons
The horse you gave me loves watermelons


MissK said...

There he is :-)
Glad you're treating that horse right. Don't be a stranger... desperado ;-)

billf said...

To David Forward,some would say 'the ink IS the Mozart'.
Just sayin'

billf said...

Whoops,I didn't finish.

The ink IS the Mozart,otherwise,it's just another version of the happy birthday song

idahobob said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

You bear the best presents!

I had to make a little road trip (8 hours), and I just got home to view these pretties!

What a way to start off three weeks of peace and quiet.

Yum. ;-)

Question: are any of these beauties, you, my dear?


Peter said...

I like redheads and freckles. The ink? I only wonder what those tats will look like when those young women get to be my age.

Anonymous said...

Yeah #4 (oh so sexy) kinda has that vampire look goin'. #2 looks like she could be at a race track of some sort..#9 definitely looks like somebody took the pic from home;)huh

All look beautiful

Just Saying said...

Tattoos have always been a major turn off to me - it's like graffiti on a Rembrandt. It doesn't matter how good it may be, or how skilled the artist - it detracts from the original just by being there. And you can't remove them without unsightly scars which just make things worse. I like a woman's skin the way it was intended, soft, smooth, and unmarked.

Doesn't mean that I won't hit it - just means that she isn't a keeper, since in about 10 years most of those tattoos are well outside of their life-expectancy, but they are there till the day she dies...

MissK said...

Inked Hottie Posts always get comments with the most "difference of opinion". I like that. I find it interesting to see how different people relate to certain things...

Personally, I find some tattoos very interesting. When done well, I like how the images blend together, and the variations in color are pretty to look at. With that said, these are things that can be enjoyed on paper too. "Some" of them are really like little works of art. I picked this bunch mostly for the hotties themselves, eyes, face, personalities, sex appeal, things like that, and in this case, reds ;-)

I do prefer "au naturel"... I don't have any ink myself in case y'all are wondering. But I have drawn some "fake" ones on friends before, you know, things you do when you drink... ;-)

MissK said...

Billf, if I can figure out who #4 is, I'll make something happen for ya ;-)

MissK said...

Bob, maybe if you can figure out which one has temps ;-)

idahobob said...

Well......I'm gonna guess #2.


dirtbag said...

I was drinking harder than usual, sorry for the late comment. Some ink is nice and some is trash. Sometimes it goes against the personality of the canvas.