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Monday, January 28, 2013

Yes... I Own A Cannonball ;)

My Collection ~ Vintage Cast Iron ~ Part 1

We all have our little quirks... I collect old cast iron shit.
These are my favorites... I know, I'm weird.... ;-)

What I know so far....
I'm not sure about the value of them. The free weight is about 5 lbs and I haven't found much info out there about similar ones. I wonder if search engines limit the hits because of my igloo. Damn! ;-)

The cannonball I know a little more about. It's Solid Cast Iron. Some are hallow with explosives inside. This one, thank God, is solid. It's a little less then 6 inches in diameter, and weighs about 22 pounds. Heavy little sucker for it's size. 

An older American gentlemen who often put on yard sales had it in his garage. I was not for sale. I just happen to notice it hiding in a corner and I just "had to have it." Honestly I did... ;-)  Over a couple years, I stopped in every time I dove by and noticed he had a sale on, to see if he still had it. He did, but still not for sale. I finally got him to sell it to me for less then 20 bucks. Then went back home to Canada with my "garage sale items" ;-)

He mentioned a few things to me that the "previous owner" had told him. According to this gentlemen, the cannonball came from the New York area and is dated back in the 1800s. I'm not sure if it has been fired or not. 

Now as you all know, I'm no expert in American History and since a lot of you are quite the buffs.... maybe you can tell me if these details make any sense, and which war it could have been part of.....