Friday, September 20, 2013

Just Wondering....

Odie brought up a point in my Blogger Glitch Post... About the double sidebars. And now I'm wondering if a lot of you are having to deal with this too. When I set them up, I went the maximum I could go, without having to scroll left to right on my own screen, thinking it was about the same thing for most of you. I would appreciate some input very much. If you can see the whole thing from left to right, or you have to scroll to see it? 

It bugs the crap out of me when something doesn't fit. So I would love to know how "this aspect" of My World looks to you guys. I'm sure it makes a difference how your monitor is set and probably the browser too... So spill... Tell me! ;-)


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

It might be just me Missy. I like a little break on either side of my browser so I can grab photos and the like to post. I can also see them when I download them. If I full screen you I can see all just fine. Sorry for the confusion.

As for the overlapping of photos on the sidebar, I've noticed by accident the other day my default "make it fit" was unchecked. You might go back and redo one side bar item and see if it works this time.

If that doesn't work, try shrinking the photo before you post it. Google might have trouble shrinking a giagatamous photo.

billf said...

Morning beautiful,for your information,I read your blog on a laptop,and I see:The header pic of the trees is centered with the blue background visible on both sides,the beautiful red with wind blown hair is too wide to fit the white background,,"contact info"rolls off the right side of the screen,your email address box is centered in it's background,your tip jar and donate button and about me is centered properly,the American flag,guns save lives and your ass with the pistol in your jeans are all uncentered to the right,pic of the hot babe smokin and the parental advisory are off center to the right,pic of you makin out in the waterfall is centered and lookin' good.All of the off center stuff seems to be on the right sidebar,no problem with the main page and the left sidebar.Hope this helps.

Volfram said...

My monitor is 1280 pixels wide, and I generally browse in full-screen. I do not have to scroll horizontally to read your blog.

I do note the "photos out of border" thing, which is fairly recent. Have you checked if Wordpress changed anything?

Phil said...

Everything on the right sidebar is chopped off for me.

MissK said...

Odie, Thanks for the extra info on the scrolling thing. I like getting input on how other people work ;-)

And the pics that are still overlapping, I just didn't do anything with them yet. Some pics really don't need "Titles". I like reinforcing an idea, but not being redundant with it, so I'm in no hurry to fix those since they don't hide my posts. I did fix all the ones that already had Titles.

So between having to revamp my sidebar shit and wanting to get rid of some clutter... perhaps I'll go back to one side bar. Especially now that I've started using some "Pages" on top. I'm mulling it over ;-)

Billf, Thank you so much for that very detailed description of My World through your eyes... made me smile :D
And btw, that's exactly how I see it too ;-)

Volfram, I'll check on that 1280 thing, I never remember. The overlapping pictures WILL BE taken care of, all in due time ;-)

Thanks Phil, if anyone else sees it chopped off too, please let me know. It will give me a better idea on how much I will need to adjust the whole thing so most people can see it all :-)

Gerald said...

First, thanks for all the reds. I use firefox opened slightly smaller than my desktop. I've sent you a screen shot in full screen mode so you can see what I get. hope this helps.

MissK said...

You're welcome Gerald :-)
Got your screen shot, thanks. That's exactly how it looks from my pov. I'm working on the overlapping images as I get the chance. I'm just glad they're not going over the posts :-)

Anonymous said...

Yeah I hooked my computer up to my 42" Samsung TV. Had it that way awhile now. Your site used to be perfect, then started noticing your pics being off center....Do you run any type of "No Scripts" or anything like that. I believe No Scripts does something with java...I'm no computer expert, but that's my 2cents.