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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

How Doggies Drink :)

Kinda puts their mess in a different light don't it... ;-)
And that nose up close looks just like My Lucky's

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

~ Exploding Bullets ~

At first I thought they were high speed photography. They're actually exploded bullets lodged in bulletproof material.

Friday, February 22, 2013

The Sun Is Shinning Right Above....

TGIF ~ Have a Good Day Everyone :-)

I seriously needed a "buffer" between My Serenity 
and The Tyrant... hence, the Gun Porn 


Monday, January 28, 2013

Something You Never Wanna See...

Hat Tip goes to BigFurHat
Seems it's Photoshoped, but cool just the same :-)

Monday, October 1, 2012

Beauty of shooting handgun UNDERWATER

Firearm aficionado Andrew Tuohy has filmed himself firing a range of weapons, but never before underwater.
The gun expert has posted a series of images, as well as a video, to his blog Vuurwapen to show the different effect each gun has in his swimming pool.
After being triggered, a tornado forms at the end of the gun for a few short seconds before the bullet sinks down to the bottom and surrounding bubbles float to the surface.

But Mr Tuohy isn't just firing the guns for fun, he collects the bullets to make 'tactical flowers' for his mother.
The resistance of the water causes the bullet to expand in perfect formation, creating beautiful lead blossoms.
'As pretty as this stuff is to look at, it is also painful - I have plenty of scars from being sliced and poked by metal objects, but holding those bullets in my hand almost made me shiver,' he said. 
'I would definitely not want to get shot by any of that stuff.'

He experiments with different bullets and guns to create different effects, claiming the results possessed an 'evil beauty.'

He also soldered the 'flowers' onto some 'stems' to complete the effect.

An avid gemstone collector, he then added precious stones to the center of the bullets, rendering them almost unrecognizable. Read more.

Here is a Really Cool Video I found on his Blog
How To Set Your AR-15 On Fire

Just had to add this pic from his Facebook. His FB link is at the end of the article if anyone is interested in looking him up, along with his blog, that I linked right above the AR video.

His Caption on the pic below : This is my "Listen, don't buy crappy guns" face. And hand gesture.
Love this guy :D

From his blog... "Those who take a myopic view of trigger modifications, for example, often render firearms unreliable (light strikes, failure or inability to reset) or dangerous (disabling or reducing the effectiveness of internal safety mechanisms). This is not to say that all trigger-related modifications are bad - magazine disconnects, for example, are dumb. However, if something sounds too good to be true, such as a 1911-like trigger in a Glock, then it most likely is (I have two requirements for a carry firearm - that it work when I want it to, and that it not randomly shoot my balls off when I'm running, jumping, and climbing trees)."


Thanks to WiscoDave for the link to The Underwater Article :-)

Saturday, September 8, 2012

High Speed Photography

If anybody knows anything about the guns and bullets in these pictures, please comment :-) 

Ok, that last one dosen't count ;-)