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Thursday, July 2, 2015

"Cultural fascists are also raving hypocrites"

"As usual, you are using a horrific event,
and the victims of that horror, as your excuse..."

"You demand it be banned from society because you insist
society accept your definition of what it represents."

Here's part of a reader comment from the Article Linked
(comment author: JohnStevens, in reply to some Richard dude)

"No matter what, you cannot justifie the confederate flag, it stands for the Klan, always has always will."

No it doesn't.  Symbols have no meaning.  Meaning is what we bring to symbols, they don't "stand" for anything. So there is no need to justify anything.  By the First Amendment, everyone has a right to display the symbols that they wish, and nobody has a right to tell them what that symbol means. If you want to find out what a symbol means to someone, ASK THEM, instead of trying to force your meaning on them.

More from the Article...

"We will no longer sell that horrible thing! declare Apple, Sears, eBay, Amazon, and the rest about the Confederate flag. What frauds. Up until last week none had a problem in the world with that flag.  The racially-sensitive folks at Amazon still sell Nazi and apartheid memorabilia."
"You will use this – you know you will – to tar any conservative you can tie to the evil you’ve invented. You’ll declare that person a racist if he doesn’t publicly agree with you, won’t you?"
"What’s next? How long will it take for you to demand that the American flag be removed? It’s a natural progression."
"What about the Cross? You think it’s a symbol of religious oppression. The KKK solemnly sets it ablaze in their ceremonies. You’ll want that banned, too. In fact President Obama has already demanded it be covered if he speaks in front of one."
"Tear down your own damn flags."
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How do you feel about this? :/

Click HERE to read the Full Article.
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