Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Half A Million! :D

On the first day of school last year,
September 6th, I launched My World.... 
On the first day of school THIS year, 
I hit half a million views :-)

~ I think this is pretty awesome!! ~
And totally not what I expected 
when I first started.

But it's a really nice surprise ;-)

My Counter hit The Landmark early yesterday morning, 
just before my daughter got up to get ready for her first day :-) 

Crazy to think about all that went down this past year. 
So I guess we keep going, 
and see what the next one will bring.... ;-)

I would like to thank everyone who stops by, 
especially those who come back, 
and those who link me. 
Obviously, this would never work without all of you.

Sincerely, Thank You!
You make this all worth it :-)


billf said...

Congratulations Missk;Re: "totally not what I expected",maybe that's cause you didn't realize how cool you are!

MissK said...

Awww Thank you Billf, very sweet of you :-)

guttridgeg1 said...

The best modern day pen pal there ever could be
You are awesome MissK
Just think if it was snail mail

John said...

Right back at ya! Thanks for a great blog!

taminator013 said...

Congrats and well deserved.

James Butler said...

Great work MissK...
You're a nice kind lady with a heart as big as this world and attitude as mighty as an angle... Thanks for a year of love and laughter, angst and awes and heavenly beautiful redheads like yourself...

Hope you're ready for many more...
I hear the winter is coming soon... Speaking of angst... lol....

congrats, dear lady...

MissK said...

You're welcome John :-)

Thank you Taminator :-)

MissK said...

Modern Day Pen Pal, I like that Guttridge, Thank you ~blushing~ ;-)

It's a really good thing though, that this ain't snail mail, because I would really suck at it. You know that procrastinator thing, yep :P

MissK said...

Thank you James... only you would use the word "angst"
You are an original, that's for sure ;-)

idahobob said...

I'm glad that I found you. I enjoy the site, you insights, humor and of course, the reds n freckles!

What more could a man ask for?



timbo said...

That's a lot of views!!

Irish said...