Thursday, March 28, 2013

We All Have Our Moments... ;)

Slap That!!

Lovin' That Chick ;D

AnyDay Reds ~ Hot & Pretty ;)

Oh Dear, I forgot Hump Day... oh well. 

Does it really matter?....

Bacon Strips To The Rescue

Like in the good old days... 

Put a steak on it, well bacon in this case ;-)

~ Bacon can fix anyting ~

Sorry, you can't eat 'em :-(

Well That's A Good Thing... Fucking Idiots!!!

Ice Bullets ~ Update

A little while ago I made a Post about Frozen Bullets
Some of you have been asking where to find these Ice Trays.

So just letting y'all know they you can get them at Amazon, 
and I'm sure at lots of other places too.

Cheers ;-)

Babes & Guns ~ Copycat Edition ;)

Basically "Stolen" from 2 Great Blogs... 
See bottom for credit... now go check out the pics ;-)

Good Morning People :)

Somebody's backyard, Can you imagine?.... 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

~ Kickalicious ~

I found this Awesome Vid over 

~ Just call him Kickalicious ~

Is he for real? 

My Muffin... :(

Canine Fascination

Tell Me. ....Romantic? or Creepy?

I Dare Ya!!

By the time summer rolls around... 
you'll be seeing these more and more.

Just keep this little "trick" in mind ;-) 

For The Hopeless Romantic in All of Us ;)

"Search" My World

I added a Search Bar to the Right. Makes it a little easier if you're looking for something specific.... could be anything... ;-)

Don't Forget the LABELS a little lower in my sidebar or you can click on the same Labels at the bottom of each posts, near the "Comment" link.

Try it out, never know what you might find... ;-)

It's A Tool...

MissK ~ Morning Rituals

Yeah Yeah, I'm a Redneck Too ;-)

Morning Deer ;)

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Got The Right Idea Now ;)

Snatched this over at Your Crazy Uncle Bubba... 
Go check him out ;-)

Really?! The Government Lies?? OMG!!!

Extreme Hotness ~ Part III

Forget about the cold and snow....

Come on... ;-)

Majestic Beauty

Devious Mind at Work.....

Proud Family Moment

What the Fuck Happened Here?

When Hillbillies Win The Lotto?...

Caption This.....

Warm Sunshine....

Can you feel it?

Still Winter... hmmmm :/

I know y'all are tired of the cold, I am too, 
but it's still beautiful.

Well I'm off to work...

This One's For Dumber...

eh.. I mean Jim Carrey
"Ça prends pas la tête à Papineau"
Hat Tip to Mike Miles for this and the next post... thanks :-)

Monday, March 25, 2013

The Epitome of Liberal Hypocrisy

Step Away From The Igloo... ;)

Unleashing The "Furry"...
See next post if you don't get it ;-)

Ah Damn!! I'm in Trouble...
I know I'm a Dork... It's been openly admitted  :P