Friday, January 31, 2014

One Word... Bwahahahahahah!!!

I don't hate the guy, but this is just too funny :P

Suck On This!

Trust Me, It's Hard ;)

I Think it's Charming ;)

How 'Bout a TREEsome?

Mother Nature does have a sense of humor :P

Uh... You're Home Early...

Well That's Redundant...

It Could Go Either Way...

Good Morning! :)

Time for an update ;-)

I spent a big part of the week going through boxes and boxes of my daughter's clothes. Pretty much everything from her first days to now. All of which I had packed up and sealed away, just in case. Y'all know how that goes ;-)

Well, I have a few reason for doing this "now". The main one is because my daughter's Godmother, who was in town for a few days, just had a baby of her own. And my daughter is now the little one's Godmother :-)

And since going through everything that belongs to me in this house is a major priority lately... I though it was perfectly suited to pass on my daughter's childhood things to this new little treasure, my baby's Goddaughter <3

So now my basement looks like something exploded all over the place. I got piles of boxes everywhere, a lot now empty, thank God. I sent off boxes of old toys and a bunch of bags filled with clothes to goodwill, and kept the best for the Little One. I washed all the chosen pieces and took it all to them yesterday. 

The new mommy was just 13 when my daughter was born. And we were all very close 'till she went off to college. She lives about 4 hours away now with her new little family, so we don't get to see them very often. Years do go by so fast.

Back to the sorting, I wish I was done, but I have a lot more to go though, because yes, I did keep everything. I wonder how many people actually do that. As some of you might get, it's been very nostalgic to go through all "my" baby's stuff, but I'm glad it's being cleared out. We gotta look to the future eh... Moving on as they say ;-)

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

For Your Munchkin Ray :)

It always makes me smile when you talk about her.
Sometimes I see my daughter, sometimes I see myself,
but I always see a wonderful Dad <3

In Need Of Attention There Pup?

Gotta be the Middle Child Syndrome ;-)

Good Morning World! :)

Let's see if I can get in some regular posting for a while. I suppose it should be just like riding a bike. I guess that depends how much snow's on the ground eh ;-)

Monday, January 27, 2014

What The Fuck!!!

I'm NOT a happy camper right now.... I activated my Google + profile thing so I could use apps on my phone. I put it off for the longest time because I did not want shit to get affected on my blog... and now I tweak something that seems minor, and almost all my pics disappear :-(  What the Hell?!?

I'm sure it has to do with "who sees what" or something of the sort.... I looked through all the settings and can't find it. I just don't need this shit right now. Has this happen to you? Any idea how to fix it?   I'm gonna go look again, and I better find my answer. I just wanted to let y'all know what was going on....... 

Alleluia!! I fixed it!! Well that was scary :/

You Ever Get That Feeling...

That no matter how hard you try, you never quite fit in...
Some parts of your life, not all ;-)

A "MissK" Production ;)

Based on a True Story...
Seems I owe y'all a little explanation. Rebecca reminded me that I should never be gone for so long without at least letting those who care know what's going on. So I'm gonna share a few things.... MissK Style! Because y'all know how much my privacy's important to me, even if I let y'all read between the lines sometimes..... ;-)

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Aurora Borealis Are In Our Sights

I'm gonna check it out... ;-)

Wondering if they'll be visible close to home?
Check out the map below...

Got Me Some New Shit Kickers!!

~ Went Boot Shopping Yesterday ~

Ain't They Purty... ;-)

Propelling The "Victim" Mentality...

~ Dependency Agenda ~

Snatched from Blue's Blog

Fuck That Shit!!!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

~ Sweet Dreams ~

Looking up at the night sky has always been cleansing for me.
I find Andromeda most fascinating...

Thursday, January 2, 2014