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Connect The Dots...

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Never Forget 9/11 – Remember Benghazi???
By Craig Andresen on September 11, 2013 at 5:23 am


The OTHER 9/11.

Here we are, exactly 1 year later and while Obama’s supporters have taken to the streets to demand “JUSTICE FOR TRAYVON” none of them have demanded “JUSTICE FOR THE BENGHAZI 4!!!”

And why not?

Since Trayvon was a thug, a gang wannabe, a thief and a drug user it only seems appropriate that those who adhere to Obama, alphabet media included, are in the corner of the terrorists that killed 4 Americans 1 year ago today.

An attack on Syria, no doubt, was meant to divert attention away from the policies that led to the al Qaeda attacks in Benghazi but, Obama’s plan for Syria has backfired on him in an epic way.

Not only did he NOT get to launch his war before the dual 9/11 anniversary, he managed to hand center stage on the world stage to Putin and Russia in the process.

It is becoming more clear by the day that Obama’s policy towards Syria is directly tied to his failed policies in Libya and it’s going to take 2 articles to illustrate the dire depth of it all but…

First…We need to connect some dots.

Obama led from behind to overthrow Gaddafi by supplying al Qaeda, aka Ansar al-Sharia with weapons.

Tens of thousands of those weapons, as soon as Gaddafi was chillin’ in a meat locker, went missing. They just vanished. Gone.

Nobody within this administration has told the American people why we even had, an off the books “Consulate” in Benghazi to begin with much less why we had a CIA annex only a mile away and staffed with more than 3 dozen agents.

Nobody in this administration has told the American people why Ambassador Chris Stevens was IN Benghazi on the night of 9/11…The 11th anniversary of the al Qaeda attacks responsible for killing nearly 3000 Americans in New York, Virginia and Pennsylvania.

Nobody in this administration has told the American people why Ambassador Stevens was meeting with a TURKISH diplomat less than an hour before the al Qaeda attack on the “Consulate” began.

Connect the dots.

Hillary’s State Department was providing cover for a CIA op that was transferring those “missing” weapons from al Qaeda in Libya to al Qaeda in Syria via the Turks.

Something went wrong.

Either Stevens decided to end it or, al Qaeda in Libya didn’t want to give up the weapons.

I favor the latter.

Nobody in this administration has explained to the American people why our security in Benghazi had been drawn down over a period of months leading to the fatal attacks.

Nobody in this administration has explained to the American people why repeated requests for ADDING security in Benghazi were REPEATEDLY denied.

Nobody in this administration has bothered to tell the American people why al Qaeda, aka Ansar al=Sharia was HIRED by Obama’s State Department to “PROVIDE SECURITY” in Benghazi.

Connect the dots.

Our security was drawn down to protect a covert CIA op under Obama’s orders to secure and transfer weapons from al Qaeda in Libya to al Qaeda in Syria via the Turks.

ADDING security in Benghazi would have compromised that covert op.

HIRING Ansar al-Sharia was an attempt to garner false trust as the covert op continued.

Something went wrong.

Ansar al-Sharia was seen sniffing around the inside of that “Consulate” and spying on it from outside the unsecured walls.

They discovered that the “Consulate” was running THEIR weapons OUT of the country right under their terrorist noses and, they didn’t like it.

Fearing that cover had been blown, Ambassador Stevens sent one last communication to the Department of State where he let it be known that the “Consulate” and the lives of those within were in grave danger.

Quite possibly, he had been tipped off by the Turkish diplomat that an attack was coming but not WHEN it was coming.

During the attacks, Obama disappears from the situation room and isn’t seen again until the next morning.

During the attacks, no help from special ops is sent to Benghazi and those specially trained for such a mission, in Tripoli, are told to wait at the airport to act as medics.

The next morning, Obama and Hillary appear in the Rose Garden to tell the American people that a You Tube video was responsible for the attacks…A lie they repeat to the families of the slain at the memorial service days later and continue to perpetuate on 5 Sunday shows and for weeks up to and including Obama’s speech to the United Nations.

For 3 weeks, the FBI was kept, cooling their heels, in Tripoli rather than being on the ground in Benghazi collecting intel and evidence.

Connect the dots.

Once the attacks were under way, Obama knew his covert op was about to be exposed so he retreated to safer confines of the white house to slap together a cover story.

Obama and Hillary had to keep that story front and center while they were busy covering up the truth to an extent that the You Tube video story could be dumped.

Had the FBI been allowed into Benghazi, evidence of Obama’s covert op would have been discovered.

Something went wrong.

There were survivors of the attacks. CIA agents, maybe as many as 3 dozen who knew exactly what had been going on in Benghazi in the months leading up to the attacks and, of course, during the attacks.

Those survivors have, to this day, been threatened with the end of their careers or worse and have been given multiple and regular lie detector tests to ensure they have not spoken of their involvement in Obama’s covert op to either Members of congress or to the press.

For the last 12 months, Obama and his administration has been orchestrating an epic cover up and, I believe, it runs deeper than anyone in congress wants to delve as exposing it, exposing the depths of it, would lead to a Constitutional crisis the likes of which are unimaginable and most dire to the Republic.

Obama and Hillary Clinton supplied al Qaeda, our enemy in a time of war, with weapons in Libya.

Act of treason number 1.

Obama and Hillary Clinton were actively supplying al Qaeda, our enemy in a time of war, with weapons in Syria.

Act of treason number 2.

Obama and his administration, chiefly Hillary Clinton, have actively covered up those acts of treason which equates to…

Act of treason number 3.

Obama has called the Benghazi attacks, “bumps in the road” and said what happened there was, “not optimal.”

Obama has called the Benghazi attacks and the search for the truth OF them…”a phony scandal.”

Hillary shrieked to congress, “WHAT DIFFERENCE, AT THIS POINT, DOES IT MAKE???”

Obama, with Hillary at his side in a “60 Minutes” interview, tried to pass off Benghazi as, “somebody, somewhere in government, is always screwing up,” and they both had a laugh.

Jay Carney tried to blow off questions regarding Benghazi on May 1ts, only 7 ½ months after the attacks by saying, “Let’s be clear. Benghazi happened a long time ago.”

While the names and whereabouts of those terrorists who attacked our “consulate” in Benghazi have been known to this administration for months and, while JOURNALISTS have, in fact, interview those terrorists, not one…NOT ONE has been approached by any entity OF this 
administration and not one has been brought to any sort of justice.

And through it all, a compliant and Obama ass kissing socialist media and their pundits have been trying to convince the American public that Benghazi is nothing and, there has never been a cover up and, it’s over.

It’s OVER?

There IS no COVER UP???

It’s NOTHING?????

Why then, according to CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson , did John Kerry…JUST YESTERDAY, on the eve of 9/11 say that he“WILL NOT HONOR THE REQUEST TO MAKE BENGHAZI SURVIVORS AVAILABLE FOR QUESTIONING??????”

There were nearly 3 dozen Americans in Benghazi 1 year ago today and, according to CNN…21 of them were working IN THE BENGHAZI CIA ANNEX and now Kerry says NONE OF THEM WILL BE MADE AVAILABLE FOR CONGRESSIONAL QUESTIONING???

It’s OVER?

There IS no COVER UP???

It’s NOTHING?????

I don’t think so. Not even CLOSE.

12 years ago today, al Qaeda struck the American homeland.

1 year ago today, al Qaeda struck us in Benghazi.
It is not over.

Benghazi IS a cover up and…



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billf said...

I couldn't agree more,but what's even worse,consider that this whole administration since Obama got elected has been nothing but cover-ups and diversions.If you ask about jobs,the answer is the 1%;if you complain about taxes they talk about stimulating the economy;when Congress wanted Hillary to testify,she had a concussion;when they wanted Kerry to testify,his wife was in the hospital.This administration has never submitted a budget on time,it's the House repubs fault.There is absolutely no responsibilty for anything in the White House. Syria is just another clever dodge to their shell game.

Volfram said...

Day 2 is even juicier. The author suspects that Obama is being blackmailed by Al-Queda, who have records of what's ACTUALLY been going on.

If we could entrap him into betraying his muslim allies, get them to publish that evidence...

Not only could we finally have him tried and hanged as the traitor he is, but we might be able to implicate the Clinton family alongside him, which would sabotage the Democrats' plans for 2016's Presidency, and probably root out several more corrupt names.