Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sunny Sunday :)

That's pretty much what it looked like along the River this morning. We always sleep in the clouds this time of year.  It's interesting to see how the fog collect in the valley, only to dissipate soon after, giving way to a clear blue sky, not a single cloud in sight. Now it's warm and sunny.... and really soothing on the head ;-)


Sarthurk said...

We're looking at 80 mph gusts in the next 8 hours. A thunder boomer at 6AM was no fun. The dogs go nuts. I've gone down to the dock four or five times in the last two days and pumped probably 120 gallons of water out of the boat, and it's only a 14 foot skiff. The salmon are in the bay, but there's no way to fish in this stuff. Scotch therapy is in order. I said that once in the company of a very attractive colleague, and she said she was Scotch. I about died at that comment, but had to remind her that I was married.
Oh well....

guttridgeg1 said...

Good day MissK :-)
Rain here, all weekend, rain
friday night, rain saturday, all day, and all night, sunday morning rain.
Snow up high, rain where we were camping. But was nice and quiet. No buddy else there. Had to saw a tree up that fell across the goat trail to get out.
Hope you had and having a nice weekend

Anonymous said...

Hi! K! Rain & a big cool down for us as well. That's really pretty along the river.-Ray

billf said...

Beautiful weekend here in NC.Overnight lows in the 60's,daytime high 76.Big blue sky.All the best to you Missk.

MissK said...

I like the way you wright Sarthurk, thanks for that, made me grin ;-)

Well I had a "loaded" weekend Guttridge, between yard work, house work, family "stuff" and Migraine Saturday... let's just say Quiet Monday's a blessing. And that goat trail business sounds like fun... I like curve balls ;-)

It is Ray :-) I'll try and get you a picture when it settles down more. It wouldn't work now because the fog reaches the house, but in a few weeks from now, it really nestles deep in the valley, would make a more interesting pic ;-)

Thanks Billf, hope you're nice weather keeps up ;-)