Monday, September 16, 2013


It's Monday... woke up with a cold... yippee


billf said...

Morning Missk,sorry about your cold.How was your weekend otherwise?
It's definitely starting to feel like fall here.

mike said...

I'm sorry about your cold...just that time of granddaughter brought it home to Mama, Dad and brother so they had a yucky weekend. I take Zyrtek for the congestion, lots of water and increased vitamin dosage.
Feel better soon!

idahobob said...

Sorry that you have a cold.

While working out in the carport, there was lightning North of me. Nice light show to work out with.


guttridgeg1 said...

Morning MissK
Colds are yukkee, not yippee

stevierayv said...

Well at least it's Monday!

MissK said...

I do like my Mondays Stevie, nice and quiet... ;-)

Guttridge, :P

MissK said...

I like that Bob, that sounds like a trip :-)

Thanks for the tips Mike, I'm glad I don't have work for a couple days, I'm hoping I can kick it by Wednesday, we'll see :/

MissK said...

Thanks Billf, Fall is right, suppose to freeze here tonight :/

And my weekend was busy, but good for the most part. Had family from out of town, so lots of food. Worked on the tinting some more Saturday, some shopping & yard word Sunday. Oh yeah, cleaned the chimney too. You know, regular shit... ;-)