Tuesday, September 22, 2015

MissK ~ Sketching on The Woodlot

I spent the whole day at the woodlot yesterday. I made good progress. Things are slowly but surely falling into place. At the end of the day, I was sitting on one of my pile of trees, contemplating, then I started on this little sketch for the section of land I'm currently working on. 

Actually, the sketch I drew on the lot is the messy looking one at the bottom. I made the nicer one from memory and mental measurements after I got home. The scale is pretty darn close. All these elements were previously only in my head. I really like seeing it like this :D The messy one too, I like the process... 

Sketches done directly on my new phone, freehand...
Love this thing ;-)

~ Time To Ponder ~

Happy Monday!... Uh I Mean Tuesday...

Thursday, September 17, 2015

My "Still" Shack... Wait? What??

Damn it Boilerdoc!! Why you gotta be so nosy?! :P

Out picking hazelnuts, eh?
Yeah, right ;-)

Well, since y'all are here, how 'bout a little tour...

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

First Prize @ 2015 Geek/Modern Art Camp

"Stuck in the bed sheets on a hot summer night"

Interesting Twist on The Waffle...

~ I'm gonna have to look this up ~

Bacon, it's missing bacon!!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Friday, September 11, 2015

Need Input Here...

As most of you know, I've been recently empty nested by my Lovely Valedictorian Daughter. Yes, I'm still very proud of her, and all the hard work she put in ;-)

Now with that comes many many University related bills. I crunched the numbers, and with a pretty tight budget, I have figured out the minimal amount of funds needed for her to attend the University of her choice, which is less then an hour from home, thank God. Now this is where my request lies, no, not money, sillies... Just perspective. Although a few tips would not be frowned upon ;-)

But seriously, I know a lot of you have put your kids through school, and I'm just wondering what a typical year cost for different people. Living expenses also count, obviously, as having your child sleep on the street, starving, lonely and cold would not be very conducive with providing them with a quality education.

I'm asking because, being recently divorced, I'm having to defend the fact that University Fees are way more than the ONE bill the chosen establishment is charging us with.

So how much does a typical year of University cost?

And for My TGIF Post...

I'm a dork! I'm laughing way too hard at this... 
Especially @ 00:56 seconds... WTF?


I was in the house, safe and sound as my then 4 year old daughter, played in the background. I watched in disbelief, the horrific events of that day unfold... Seemingly frozen in time...

I've added a few relevant Posts from fellow bloggers, worth checking out. Please click the links below, and read their words.

Headed To The Library?

That's MY Story...

And I'm sticking to it... ;-)

~ They Do Exist ~

I had a "Nice Cop" incident the other night...

I got pulled over for speeding... Ooops! Not a surprise considering it was 2am, and me and this cop where the only cars in town... Seriously, I had the run of the place ;-)  But I was a "Good Girl" and cooperated fully. After all, I was speeding. We got to talking, about our kids, and University, and the fact that I was just getting home and wanting to get to bed asap. Come to think of it, he didn't even ask me for my papers. This is a small town, but still, I've met a few power hungry cops who think they're above the law, so it was kinda nice to get pulled over by a "human" cop.  So NO Ticket!! And I had my hands on the wheel, the whole time ;-)

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

What a Ride!!

Just realized I missed my Blog Anniversary :(
Tree days ago...

Uh... I mean three, like September 6th.
Been hanging around the woodlot lately, can you tell... ;-)

Thinking... ;)

Gotta flip that "Empty Nest" thing to my advantage... :D

Good Morning :)

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Good Night... eh

See Ya in the Morning... ;-)

~ Sweet Dreams ~

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Needing some Plumbing Advice Plz

Here's the situation:

A few days ago, I was alone at my daughter's apartment, dropping off some things for her. Then all of a sudden I hear water pissing in the hall closet where the water heater sits on a shelf. Thank God the shut off valve was right there, then I flicked the heater breakers off and called the landlord. He sent his maintenance guy over to check it out. We had to leave it as is 'till he came back the next morning with the replacement part. The pressure release valve had failed.

Now here's my concern...

The month prior, we only flicked on the breakers to the water heater for a few hours at a time when we came to clean and prep the apartment as no one was living there yet. I never thought to shut off the water line too, as I've never really dealt with this particular situation. Now I want to prevent another "accident" as my daughter and her roommate will be leaving the apartment 'til next Tuesday... 

Is it better to leave everything on? The girls are concerned that it might decide to leak again and damage their stuff and the apartment with no one there to keep an eye on it. I am concerned about that too. Or should they shut off the breaker and the water line, and if they do.... is there a risk this might happen again when it's turned on.... or was it most likely because the water line was left open??

Common sense tells me turn both off.... Anyone out there with some valid experience on this matter?