Tuesday, September 24, 2013

"Blog" Cleansing ;)

I often use my blog to express, without giving too much away, things that are happening in my life. It helps me deal and process, good stuff, bad stuff, anything really. 

My World is kinda like a microcosm of my real life, and I like to use it as stepping stones sometimes... 

With that said, I liked my sidebars, and was stubborn about keeping them, 'till Blogger poked a stick in 'em, and made my shit all uneven. Now I could "comply" and just fix it. But you know what, I say Fuck that shit! 

I'd ratter reinvent a little, on my terms. Change is good... taking a step back and erasing some of the clutter can help you get back on track, or change direction all together... a little refocusing never hurt anyone. This is part of a way bigger picture for me then just My World, but I shall do this one step at a time ;-) 

~ My New Welcome Mat ~

Here's to "Less is More" and 
We shall see where "This Road" leads Us... ;-)

But for now, duty calls.
Hoping to work on the sidebars later tonight :P


guttridgeg1 said...

sidebars look kinda like 3-d on my screen
Hadn't noticed it until I started looking closer,
shows how observant I am,
just been looking for them puppies


MissK said...

LOL... yeah, them "puppies" kinda like to play hide and seek don't they ;-)

idahobob said...

We likes them "puppies".