Sunday, September 15, 2013

Have a Great Sunday Everyone!

Been running all weekend, 
got family from out of town...
Now returning to regular posting... 
well soon... I hope... :/


idahobob said...

NFL on Sunday.

Football, not futbol


Volfram said...

I know I did!

Just got back from a 3-day anime convention.

MissK said...

NFL's always on here too Bob :-)

Was wondering where you were Volfram :-) Wait? Anime convention? Thought things like that only happened in the world of "The Big Bang Theory"??

Sounds interesting. What all goes on there?

Volfram said...

Colorado has one of the larger anime conventions in North America, called "Nan Desu Kan," or "NDK" which is a play on the Japanese "Nani desu ka?" meaning literally "What's that?" (the "ka" is a verbal question mark)

NDK shuts down the southern portion of Denver for 3 days out of the year.

The convention typically has panels where you can go to learn interesting things about Japan in general and anime in particular, Question and Answer sessions with voice actors who work for local dubbing companies, autograph sessions, exhibitions of certain anime series, there is an AMV(Animated Music Video) competition which is usually a blast to watch.

And, of course, several hundred people dressed as their favorite characters from anime, video games, webcomics, comic books, or what-have-you.(this year included a Darth Vader with pimp cape, several hundred Homestuck trolls, Jay and Silent Bob, Pyramid Head from Silent Hill, a very impressive Metal Gear and Raiden pair, Fix-It Felix Jr., the latest 3 or 4 incarnations of The Doctor, and The Stig.)

It's very surreal. The first convention I went to, I was surrounded by every shape and color of bizzarre characters, but it felt perfectly normal.