Saturday, April 27, 2013

The New Story of Noah's Ark

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Take a moment to read this. You won’t be sorry.

In the year 2013, the Lord came unto Noah, Who was now living in America and said: “Once again, the earth has become wicked and over-populated, and I see the end of all flesh before me.” 

“Build another Ark and save 2 of every living thing along with a few good humans.”

He gave Noah the blueprints, saying: “You have 6 months to build the Ark before I will start the unending rain for 40 days and 40 nights.”

Six months later...

Warm Sunny Days Ahead... :)

Finally the sun is shinning, the days are getting warmer. 
It feels nice :-)

It's still yellow and bare here, but in a few short weeks it will look just like this picture. I love the smell in the air when everything around you is growing. Just wanna breath it all in and forget about the ball and chain of the cold and dreary winter months that are finally over for a while. Don't get me wrong, snow has it's moments.... but now it's the sun's turn to "shine".
-MissK :-)

Good Morning.... :)

Friday, April 26, 2013

Babes & Guns ~ Copycat Part III

More Hotties with Guns
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Can't Make This Shit Up...


I Miss This Show... :)

A 30 Second Classic....

So you can tell me...

~ Wet Pussy ~

Might Wanna Think Twice About It Little Man....

Earning ~ vs ~ Stealing

Liberal Logic ~ Obvious Deduction.....

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Go Bob!!

Boston Marathon Bombing.... 
Homeland Security, Law Enforcement 
and the "News" Media ALL DROPPED THE BALL...

Found this Vid on It Ain't Holy Water ;-)

TGIF... Well, Sorta

I See Where You're Going With This... ;)

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Sexy & You Know It!!

 Dogs Have Egos? 

We all know CharlieGodammit does... ;)

Hope you don't mind I borrowed one of your pics Wirecutter.
Needed a "Handsome Motherfucker" for this post ;-)

This is Serious Shit Man!!

Don't Fuck With a Good Thing

Living The High Life

For All the Parents out there... ;)

Now That's a Tree

Whatever you do.... Do Not Feed the Squirrels!!

I Wonder if the House or the Tree was there first.....

Good Morning Sunshine... ;)


Tuesday, April 23, 2013


US Army Tells Troops to Scrape 
Bible Verses Off Their Weapons

Todd Starnes at FOX News reported:

The U.S. Army is directing troops to remove a Bible inscription that a vendor etched into the serial numbers of weapon scopes, Fox News has learned. Soldiers at Fort Wainwright in Alaska told Fox News they received a directive to turn in their scopes so the Bible references could be removed. The scopes were made by Trijicom and referenced New Testament passages in John 8:12 and Second Corinthians 4:6. The verses appeared at the end of the scope serial numbers – “JN8:12” and “2COR4:6.” “The biblical verse (JN8:12) must be removed utilizing a Dremel type tool and then painted black,” read instructions on how to remedy the matter. After the letters and numbers were scraped off, soldiers were directed to use apply black paint to ensure the verses were totally covered.

Caption This....

I Wonder who's Idea this was.....

Major Brownie Points....

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Ever Been Spelunking?....

Multicolored Stalagmites and Stalactites
The Reed Flute Cave in China 

Description & More Pics Below....