Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Silence! Glorious silence!!

Grade 11 ~ Day 1

She picked Spanish and Drama Class for her Option Courses. 
I really hope she got 'em.
Looking forward to hearing all about it :-)

~ But for now, I shall enjoy my silence ~


Anonymous said...

A good silent morning to you MissK. Same here daughter started first year college and son started 11th grade to.
Well he started back on June 1st for XCountry practice but first day today.
He looked so excited, I did to:)


Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Isn't that a great sound.

billf said...

So tell us,after she left the house,did you go back to bed (just because you can),or did you have another cup of coffee and just sit in the silence for a while?
Enjoy your day.

MissK said...

It's an Awesome sound Odie :-)

I stayed up Billf, and took in the silence for a bit. Had to, my head was about ready to explode... then I had to take care of things, but on MY terms :-)

That's cool Greenbow, our kids are about the same age :-) XCountry?

Anonymous said...

XCountry= Running on muddy trails through the woods competing against other schools:) Usually 5K.
Yep glad I had kids when I was younger. I can still kinda keep up with them.

James Butler said...

You're silly, MissK...
I hear another couple years and you will miss these busy days.

What would you do if vacation days, like the recent one, were only just for two rather than three or many...