Thursday, September 5, 2013

Good Morning :)

I know this is early for most of you, but this is how it feels here today. The air is chilly and crisp. But the sky is not this blue. Kinda gray actually, it should get nicer this afternoon. And I do like the Fall, just seems like it comes in with a bang as soon as Labor Day weekend goes by. And we all know what comes after Fall...  Ok never mind, I don't wanna rush it, we still have a couple months to go, I hope... ;-)


Kork said...

so refreshing to think about, 97F on Labor Day in Houston, in Central MS today mid 90's, bright sun.

billf said...

I'm so looking forward to fall,and (such as we have it) winter.
Tuesday it was 90 degrees and 96 per cent humidity here.You get soaking wet just standing,and the A/C runs non stop.I'll be glad when it's crisp mornings and cool days again.

idahobob said...

Had a helluva light show and downpour from about 3:30am to 6am.

Nice change from hot 98 daytime and 65 nighttime.

Fall is in the air.