Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Good Morning :)

If I lived closed to there, them rocks would be 
my favorite place to spend some "alone time".
And up the lighthouse tower, for a better view 
on my inner reflections... ;-)

~ For Billf ~ 

Perhaps one of these might help ;-)


guttridgeg1 said...

that would be a nice place to escape to
good morning missk

MissK said...

Back at ya Guttridge :-)
Don't get to tell you much, but I do appreciate you stopping by as much as you do... ;-)

billf said...

I'd like to sit among those rocks and watch the sun go down,but I'd spill my whisky climbing back up in the dark.

MissK said...

Think I got a solution for ya Billf ;-)

billf said...

Awesome!you're my girl.