Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Good Morning World :)

I'm not sure if this is dusk or dawn, but I love it. 
I have a few different one of this Beautiful Place :-)
Anyone Interested in a relaxing boat ride?

The Trees on the Island look just like 


guttridgeg1 said...

Nice place
Morning MissK :-)

MissK said...

Morning Guttridge, how was camping? :-)

guttridgeg1 said...

My camping plans got changed:(
never made it out of drive
Thats why I need a relaxing quite boat ride to unknown places

thankyou for asking

Anonymous said...

That looks like a very nice place to put the boat in---Ray

idahobob said...

Wish that I was there right now.


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't the trees look fallen on the pic then??;)

Beautiful pic though


James Butler said...

Sorry I missed this yesterday... But how beautiful...
Those are the kind of places I look for when I take my canoe out...;-)
I could sit in that canoe in that water for hours, just reading and looking out on God's beautiful creation, in wonder...
Beautiful indeed... thank MissK.