Saturday, August 31, 2013

~ Bacon Day ~

I was sure Bacon Day had already been Celebrated this year... 
But it turns out it was Pig Day, back in March. Figures that Bacon would need more then one Holiday a year... ;-)

So in honor of Bacon Day, 
I offer you a Visual Bacon Tour for your taste buds... 
Heck, pretty much all your senses
Enjoy ;-)

Can you hear it? 

~ Candied Bacon Jack Daniel's Cocktail ~

Here's a Batch I made... 

All Ready to Pop in the Oven ;-)

Don't forget to visit 

And Go have some Bacon... ;-)


Jess said...

I love Love *LOVE* the bacon prayer. I hope God will forgive me.

billf said...

Morning,Red ,
Is there anything that sez "home" like the sight,sound,and smell of bacon frying in an old cast iron pan on a Sunday morning?
Got some here in front of me,see ya later.

MissK said...

Jess, just ask yourself "Who Created Bacon?" You're only saying "Thank You" ;-)

Morning Billf :-)
Enjoy your Bacon... Mmmmmm

idahobob said...

Just finished the morning breakfast consisting of bacon, fried eggs and toast.

The jalapeños reminded me of a treat that I had not to long ago. We have a really good Barbecue up in Moscow, Idaho, that served the last time I was in there, stuffed jalapeños, wrapped in bacon and them smoked in the pit for about three hours.

Absolutely heavenly. If I still drank adult beverages, a frosty beer wold have gone well with them!

Have a wonderful day. ;-)


Jess said...

Well, it was bacon and pancakes for breakfast. Thanks for the nudge! ;)