Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Good Morning World :)

I added a Tip Jar to My World last night.
Check out My Page. Maybe you wanna help out, 
or you're just curious, either way, it's all good ;-)

Y'all have a great day, back to work here, Laters... :-)


idahobob said...

A good morning to you!

Had a beautiful light show about 3am along with rain. Thankfully, there were no ground strikes, it was all up in the air, with lots of noise. The rain, well, we need that, it has been way to dry here,

Have a wonderful day! ;-D


guttridgeg1 said...

morning MissK :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh sweetie I wish I could, We have discovered to our horror that Obamacare has torpedoed most chances at my wife's new higher paying job. That and we are told that I may not be allowed to stay on her health insurance. If that happens and my cancer has a relapse I'm dead. My last go-round cost upward of 600000$us + copay. Obama care won't consider me "viable" They will only cover hospice. So to add to the cheery news my truck blew up. So at my house we have love-shelter-food-and hope. But no M-O-N-E-Y. ---Ray