Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Speaking Of Stupidity...

Thinking is Painful isn't it?

There was a girl in my high school, one of the popular kids. Well on that day, we were talking about random things in class, and the teacher mentions something about the Moon, and how people have walked on it.  Then she made that face, the one in the picture... and said, "But I don't understand, how can somebody walk on the moon, it's this big" as she made an "O" shape with her two hands, fingers touching... I've never seen so many instantly confused faces all at once, the rest of the class couldn't figure if she was joking or really that stupid. I thought it was fucking hilarious... ~snort~


Anonymous said...

Yeah had a couple people like that in class to..
Damn you up early. Did you even sleep yet.
Good morning or maybe Goodnight MissK


billf said...

Missk,thank you for being so dedicated to providing for us,that you adjust your schedule to carry on,even in these tough times.
You are a real trooper.(troopette?)

MissK said...

Had some sleep Greenbow, but got up for a while.... needed some quiet time :-)

You're very welcome Billf. Troopette, that's funny ;-)