Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Bringing Home The Bacon?

Caption This...


Anonymous said...

MissK, bringin' it home....Bacon for a couple months.
Hey, I see on your wishlist that you want to add a fitness page. That would definitely get you 3000 daily hits.
Carvings would be cool to:)
Ohh, bring on the polls


Struan Robertson said...

Testing continues on the LTIDS - Low Tech Islamobomb Delivery System.

idahobob said...

The truth of the matter is that I have seen this a lot, only on the back of bicycles, in South Korea, of all places.

The farmer would get the pig drunk on the local rice wine, load the pig up on the back of the bicycle and peddle like hell to try and get the thing to market before it sobers and wakes up.

The results of the pig waking up before he got him to the final destination was rather catastrophic!



diesel smoke said...

That is my brother and his third wife, headed out on the honeymoon.
She is the cute one of the bunch