Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Wow, Just Wow

Found Link @ Golden Geese News
Posted by MikeMiles @ 90 Miles From Tyranny



c w swanson said...

Excellent post. I will steal it, but is it really stealing if you give your permission?

MissK said...

"Stealing" in the blogworld is the best way to spread the "truth"

Thank you for stealing Swanson ;-)

Volfram said...

Plagiarism is the most sincere form of flattery, is it not?

My immigration idea:

If you are here legally(as a tourist, student, or non-citizen worker) GREAT! We love having you here! Spend some money!

If you are here illegally, we will send you home.

If you are an invading militant, we will shoot you.

If you commit a crime while here, your status is downgraded. One stage(legal to illegal, illegal to militant) for minor crimes, two stages(STRAIGHT to militant!) for major crimes.