Saturday, April 29, 2017

Fun Times :P

No, I'm not on vacation...
but I did get to wade in inches of water a couple weeks ago.
Straight off my bed as my feet hit the floor !!!

Consider mild temperatures last November, quick snow melt and excessive rain, along with living in a "renovated" basement apartment of a half century old building, all of which adds up to a recipe for disaster. A perfect storm of epic proportions, uh... not so much... more like, at a minor scale, thank God... but none the less, left me running around in my underwear, frantically trying to gain control of the situation.

I give justified praise to my spin mop, for obvious reasons, and the not so subtle hills and valleys of the original floor, hiding under the new "pretend slate" vinyl. Despite the fact that everything is on one level, the kitchen and a few room corners remained dry, will the rest of the apartment was drenched in melted snirt, a couple inches deep in most of the bedrooms, living room, and bathroom. I had started packing for the move, and my daughter's room still had boxes on the floor, that hadn't made it out to her new life yet. Cardboard does love water... damn it! But I could breathe a sigh of relief as I noticed that the high spots on the floor saved a few items from soaking in the lovely moat, that appeared in my home overnight. 

I was able to save most it, and didn't forget to count my blessings... like the fact that I have a non-leaking roof over my head, and a septic system that is not backing up every couple years. Been there, done that.... Moving on.

Speaking of snirt... here's a pic I took a few weeks ago at the mall parking lot.

Canadian Snirt Mountain ~ Ain't it lovely !!

I'm happy to say, the apartment is still dry, and most of the snirt is gone bye now.  I actually see a few strands of green, way way over there, across the apartment parking lot. About time!

I know, I know... A lot of you have leaves in your trees :/
So? How many times have you mowed so far? :P ;-)


Mike aka Proof said...

Sorry about the flooded floor. Grateful for the image of you running around in your underwear. But don't get me started on mowing! Last year while we still had a decent drought, the lawn needed mowing maybe every two weeks. Now, once a week isn't quite enough!

Grog said...

Bon pour voir quelques mots de vous, chère madame :)

So, you call the snow and gravel pile snirt? chuckling, that's appropriate, with the picture you shared with us.

idahobob said...

Yeah, yeah, I have mowed 4 times already. Mowing all of this damned grass is my least favorite chore. It seems to deluge for about a week, then two days of sun, just long enough for the yard to dry out a bit without continually clogging up the mower. Today is the first day of sun for the past 8 days. If it stays and is halfway sunny tomorrow, I'll be out there mowing the damned grass.

At least I have not been flooding out. I do not relish that chore that you have had to do, at all.

There are just some things about spring that really suck!


AHH!!! said...

Couldn't get past the underwear vision... I already know I'm a pig..

Anonymous said...

We are in full leaf with my bamboo in the last stages of its spring cycle. Being bamboo it is doing its best to take over the world. We are already well into the upper 80'sF with 90+% humidity from the weekly storms coming off Indiana. I saw my first snake of the season. The bright blue head of a bullnose(or "blue racer"). She was gone before I could even think about the camera. I know it was a "she" because she left a hand full a bright blue and silver babies to chase the toads. Happy spring "K"----Ray

Tony Tsquared said...

Here in Atlanta I mow at least once a month from November to early March. I just went from every 10 days to weekly on the mowing.

Anonymous said...

I understand your situation. I raked the snow in my yard this weekend (to get it to melt faster) then put down on top of it fertilizer (because as I recall I have grass down there somewhere).

Your neighbor to the West - Tom in Alaska

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Well lucky you with all of your "Snirt" about. I still have two piles of that dirty sand/snow combo here as well. We had one of the wettest winters on record here ourselves.

*** You keep an eye out for mold in that apartment of yours. You might want to think of getting the landlord to hire Servpro.