Thursday, July 11, 2013

Sweater Puppies ~ vs ~ The Underboob ;)

Which One Shall Come Out On Top.... ;-)

More Sweater Puppies....

Or Click the labels.... laters ;-)


billf said...

Very nice,love 'em all ...Love the reds a little more.Does that make me a bad guy?

MissK said...

Not at all Billf :-)
Actually my Red Folder is pretty much exhausted and I need to go on the prowl to find some more intriguing ones that I'd like to post.... Soon I hope ;-)

idahobob said...

Me especially likes #4 and #7.

A wonderful pick me up after a really depressing morning. :D



guttridgeg1 said...

they are all :-)

Cedar said...

I probably shouldn't notice but #1 has lousy archery form. LOL

MissK said...

You're very welcome Bob :-)

Guttridge, they are all?? LOL

Nice to see you Cedar :-)
Let me guess... you're a perfectionist? ;-)