Friday, July 19, 2013

All Kinds of Awesome!! ;)

Snatched from Coop @ A Father of Four :-)

This would come in very handy at my house....

We have to watch for run away caps. My dog Lucky likes to grab them so he can barter for treats. He's a sneaky fellow, but it's easy to tell when he's got something "he knows" he shouldn't have. He'll come around the corner, stand in the doorway, and just look at me from a distance till I notice he's there. Then as soon as I move, he turns around and walks around the island in the kitchen, staying far enough away, just in case I try and catch him. The house is not that big, so it's really funny watching this big dog maneuver around the furniture. There he is laying in between the Island and the kitchen table with his "Please Feed Me" look.

He doesn't look that big there, but when he stands up his tail, lays on the table. His back is just bellow the table. 

Back to my story, I hate to encourage "sneaky bad behavior" but I am afraid he could swallow a cap, or something else, and hurt himself... so I play along. I mean, there's lots of worse bad behaviors a dog could have besides this. I do make sure he's a good boy before he can get a treat. I tell him to sit in front of me, and to give me, in my hand, whatever he kidnapped that day. I say kidnapped because one time it was my cell phone, scared the shit out me that he would crunch it. Some things he'll chew right through, but not my cell, thank God. So he gave it back to me, unharmed, but totally drenched in doggy drool. Yummy!

Now on the days that I know he grabbed something useless, and pretty harmless, like out of the recycle bin, and I don't feel like playing his little game, I ignore him. So After a little while of me not reacting, he comes and sits by me, pretending like he wants to give me what he's got. So I put out my hand, and he does this....

I have to laugh. He'll avoid eye contact and switch from one paw to the other, several times. So I tell him, trying not to laugh... "No, not the paw, give it to mommy" ...And eventually, he'll give me what he has, without a treat. They're in the kitchen on top of the fridge, why he usually goes for the Island. So when he does, give me what he has, especially on his own like this, he gets lots of praise. Funny what they do for attention.... ;-) 

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