Saturday, July 13, 2013

Bring On The "Knots"!

           Thanks to MikeMiles for posting this awesome pic, love your blog... ;-)

Many things in life bring frustrations. One thing in particular that I find increasingly frustrating, in my life, is when those around you treat you like your words don't matter, like you have nothing of value to contribute. Being hushed or told you can't do something just makes me wanna prove that person wrong, pretty much lighting a fire under my ass... on a good day ;-)

On a bad day, it just brings you down, makes you feel helpless and stuck, snuffing the fire, making you shut down more and more. Some moments I can't help but feel stuck... but my natural reaction is to go against the grain, and trust my own feelings about things... and THAT is when my creative juices flow. I get the job done as I see it in my mind. Things come together, and the person who was dismissive realizes they were full of crap.

I wonder how many times this has to happen for this person to realize other people have worthwhile ideas too... After years of hoping, I finally feel safe to say, there is no light at the end of that tunnel ~rolling eyes~ My hope shall be better spent elsewhere.

Life is about choices, choices that one makes for themselves. Sometimes you just gotta take control of the helm, no water how high the waves are.


Keads said...

A ship is safe in harbor, but that is not what they are for.

billf said...

I agree,when someone tells me not to do something-that's ALL I want to do next.When someone tells me I can't,it makes me try even harder.Never give up!

drjim said...

If this is job related, find another job.

If it's friends related, maybe they aren't really your friends.

If it's family related, you have my sympathy!


MissK said...

Exactly Keads... ;-)

I won't Billf, it's not in me :-)

I sincerely accept your sympathies, drjim... ;-)

guttridgeg1 said...

do not let the acts of others destroy your inner happiness
14th Dali Lama

MissK said...

I like that Guttridge, thank you :-)

Volfram said...

Well I WAS going to post a picture to a Courage Wolf meme that says "Sometimes the world conspires against you BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT IT TAKES TO STOP YOU!"

But on the way there I found so many other good ones I decided to just post them all. Here you go!

(Nobody is taller than the last man standing.)

MissK said...

Good ones Volfram thanks :-)

I Like these ones.... "The only person restricting your potential is you"

"If you are going through hell, keep going"

"When there are butterflies in your stomach, digest them"

"What doesn't kill you dies horribly"

Volfram said...

When I lost my job, I started working on a project.

I found a Courage Wolf image that said "One year from now, you will remember why you started today."

I have it on my E-reader where it pops up in the lock screen rotation periodically.

MissK said...

Oh, I really like that one Hon :-)
I will be using it, TY