Monday, July 6, 2015

Notable Doggy Links

I'd like to add a couple links to my sidebar. I know lots of you have at least one furry companion. And I'm sure you care very much about their health and happiness. The following sites contain very useful information about canine livelihood :-)

I suggest you check them out and include them in your bookmarks. Or just come back to MyWorld when you need to "click" ;-)

DogFoodAdvisor is a regularly updated database of almost all dog foods on the market. They give star ratings, and full ingredient lists with pros and cons of those ingredients in terms of how beneficial or not they are to your dog.

It sucks how much marketing and making a cheap buck, at the expense of our dogs' health, is a priority for most of these companies. For years, I gave My Lucky Pedigree thinking I was giving him a good dog food that would help keep him healthy. Well it turns out the brand sucks, and is not worthy of the claims it makes. Glad I realized while he was still in good health. The trick then was to find a "good" brand, he also liked... picky son of a bitch he is, literally. I would love to give him only "real" food, but for most of us, that's not possible. So we'll have to settle for as much "real" food that budget and time can provide, then supplement with kibble that is somewhat worthy of being called food.

My Lucky, patiently waiting for his "meal"
What a good boy!! ;-)

As for the second link, K9 INSTINCT, there is lots to see. In my opinion, it's one of the best source of information out there on all things happy dog. Full of homemade treats and real food recipes, most of 'em way simpler then one would think. Some raw, some cooked, allot you can freeze.
Go check it out, your dog will thank you ;-)

"Eat like a wolf, and live a long and healthy life"

And a few more links...

The benefits of coconut oil for dogs!

Dangerous and toxic foods that can harm your dogs.

Here's an idea...

How to make your own dehydrated / dried

beef trachea chews.

Yum! ;-)

And so much more!!!

May we have many happy years with our furry kids ;-)

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billf said...

Hey,Missk,thanks for the info!
Coincidentally,a friend and I just looked at dog food advisor last week to evaluate a new dog food.(Well,new to us anyway)It's a food that's made in Canada,and a lot of sled dog trainers feed it.We're trying it out this week.
I found the dog food advisor helpful.
I will look at the other links that you provided as well.