Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy Independence Day!!

...To all those who love America <3

Have a great weekend :-)


angrymike said...

Can't sleep, glad you're posting more often, I've missed you Canadian humor ......
Let's have more of it !!!
Oh, and that's a beautiful lot you've picked out for your future life, I hope you add a partner to enjoy it with.. ;-)

MissK said...

Oh my... Angry being sweet?! O_o
Thanks, it is beautiful ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi y'all, Interesting to see one Canadian's take on the fourth. You seem to have a better "take" on our history than most of my countrymen. I suppose that says a lot for the education system up there, and even more about the one down here..... So.. How go's the new "Igloo"? Are you still carving? If you only knew the questions I am bombarded with by the munchkin. Her latest; "Is "K" a spy?" ME: "Huh?" HER: "She must be a spy she doesn't have a first name only an initial , like 007's boss". ME: "So you think she's a Canadian spy"? HER: "You never know about spy's , they're sneaky" and skips off down the hallway. Little girls , I swear.----Ray

MissK said...

LOL Ray, that's the cutest thing ever :D

yeah, I'm a sneaky spy, let's got with that ;-)

Yes I am still carving, although a little impractical to do from a small apartment... This is where the new "igloo" comes in :-)

Mike aka Proof said...

"To all those who love America" Wish we had a few more of them on this side of the border! Thanks for the sentiments!