Thursday, July 30, 2015

MissK ~ Roaming The Lakeside ;)

I'm gonna find a spot where I can actually roam the beach.
But in the meantime, this little lakeside park peaked my curiosity.
I got a few nice shots out of it :-)

The weather's so nice out here...

How 'bout a peek at my "Crossover-da-border" vehicle...

It serves me well ;-)
Yes, I am double parked :P


idahobob said...

That lake looks soooo inviting!

Makes a person want to just jump in!


billf said...

Good pictures,missk,what camera are you using?

MissK said...

It does look inviting Bob, but it's still way too cold... wouldn't mind a boat ride though ;-)

Thanks Billf. Wish I had an awesome DSLR camera... for the moment I gotta settle for a smaller one. It's a Kodak EasyShare M580. It's ok, a little finicky on a few issues, but it works for now ;-)