Sunday, July 26, 2015

Trippy Cutouts

18 lbs shrapnel artillery shell

Bullet shot through a tree then cut in half

Camera lens

Inside a tank cannon's barrel

The process of cutting lumber from a tree

A drain with layers of paint build-up

A wasp nest built on the side of a window

Underwater electric cable


Frag grenade

Golden Gate Suspension Cable

Pool table

Padlocks dah ;-)


Mike aka Proof said...


billf said...

Very cool,some descriptions would be nice....

MissK said...

A little update for ya, Billf ;-)

billf said...

Thanks,missk,I figured out some of them but the descriptions came in handy.
The tank gun barrel is amazing,and the under water cable is like a work of art.I'd like to do some cut-aways like these.Interesting work.