Friday, July 10, 2015

~ My Roses Bloomed ~

I wish :P

Mine are below... 
They look kinda sad. But hey,
you gotta start somewhere, eh ;-)

      These are suppose to be pretty hardy. The one on the left is called Winnipeg Parks, zone 2b. The second one is zone3, I forget the name. I debated getting them because I've never had much luck with roses in the past, except for wild roses that spread fairly easily. I just couldn't resist starting my flower garden with them. The layout of the lot lends itself perfectly to so many different garden concepts. I've got high sunnier spots, and low, nestled private pockets. I can see you, but you can't see me kinda thing. One thing's for sure, I'm gonna enjoy planning this layout over time ;-)


billf said...

'Over time' is the key; no need to rush things,give yourself time to get to know the land by trial and error.
And your roses are my favorite,because they are yours-I don't care what others' look like.

idahobob said...

Great start!

My favorites are hybrid tea roses.


Anonymous said...

I love roses and have a fair few out front. Seems that this being the wetest , coolest , summer in our history has made mine happy. Try (Moss)mulch around the bases it helps mine. Now if it would just dry out enough to weed out the Johnson grass and morning glory. When we first married I told my wife Valerie that I couldn't afford Roses for our wedding, but when we could get our own home I swore to grow all she would ever want for as long as she wanted them. My Tea roses and Florabundias (Spell?) look really good this year. ---Ray

MissK said...

I will add some mulch Ray, good thinking :-)

...Now you guys got me curious. I'd love to see, maybe even post yours?

And what's the deal with tea roses??

Billf, I'll be sure to whisper those sweet words to 'em ;-)

Anonymous said...

The "deal" with tea roses is that they grow so well and are really hardy south of the "permafrost and igloo" line. AND. I have no idea how to load photos on this thing. If I can get Valerie to lite for a moment, I'll ask if she'll do it, when she and Munchkin get back from "Build-a-bear" (girl scout day , it may not happen today or even this week as its GIRL SCOUT CAMP!!)( Munchkin loud) But I'll take some photos with her camera and "maybe" (fingers crossed)--Ray

idahobob said...

Tea roses.....beautifully shaped and they smell heavenly!


tsquared said...

Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate) are what I use as a spring starter fertilizer. The after a month I use the same fertilizer that I use on my tomato plants. Down here in Georgia the best roses I have found are the "Knock-out" Roses. For mulch I use cypress mulch, a must if you want to keep bugs and disease out.