Monday, July 13, 2015

IRISH ~ The Younger Years ;)


Irish said...

HA! I want to do that NOWADAYS!

tsquared said...

Back in 79 I was a senior in extremely rural High School. My "new-to-me" car was in the shop and I had to ride the bus home. I had a massive headache and there was this freshman girl two seat behind me talking non-stop with a shrill voice, I was the last stop and had a 55 minute ride. About 30 minutes into it I tuned around and hollered at her asking, "Do you ever fucking shut up?" The rest of the trip nobody said a word. When it was time for me to get off the bus the bus driver told me I need to ride the bus more often.

Things were OK for a few days and then I got the call to go see the principle, somebody had narked on me. I denied any knowledge and told the principle that if I had done something like that the bus driver would have turned me in. A few days latter I saw the bus driver and he told me that the principle had asked him about it and he said nothing like that had ever occurred on his bus.