Sunday, July 21, 2013

And She's Off...

My daughter just left for almost a week. She's off visiting and sightseeing with family.  I do like my quiet time, but this being summer brake and all, if feels unusually quiet... I'll try and get use to it ;-)

I'm just so use to having her around, it feels kinda weird, but she's in good hands, and she's a smart girl. It's good for her to get away from the parents for a bit. I wouldn't mind that at all in her shoes. I really hope she enjoys her time away. 

They do grow up so fast. Two more years and she's off to College... Wow, that's scary!


K said...

Holly and I chose not to have kids (we married late), but our 2 Akitas are our "babies" and every time we spend any time at all with our nieces and nephews and have to leave, the separation anxiety is overwhelming. Will they be ok without us watching over them? You know exactly the emotions (as I am sure does every parent) that I can't articulate well.

I can really only imagine what it must be like to watch that little person you have raised for 12, or 16, or 18 years walking out the door and into their lives. I'm in a sappy mood. ;)

Good luck, Miss K.


MissK said...

Very Awesome of you to stop by Kerodin :-)

You got me thinking....
Yes I totally get what you mean about the separation anxiety. Our pets are like our "babies" and it's always hard to leave them behind for a while. Where I'm finding the major difference is at the moment, as I'm currently living it, pretty much for the first time.... is that with our children, we need to let go a little, and trust in them. My daughter is very independent, I tried to raise her that way, but she is still very young, and honestly a little spoiled as she is the only grand child on both sides. That also made her more mature in a lot of ways, because she has always been surrounded by adults, and gets along very well with them. That's good for the real world. I know that this time she is not on her own, but she is still very far away from home. So I'm a little apprehensive, yes. But this is an excellent growing experience for her. I'm looking forward to hear her stories when she gets back. And to finish my thought about the comparison. Our pets are completely dependent on us or another good samaritan for their survival. So for those people who are really close to their pets, It's possibly more anxiety driven then parting for a few days with a child who is very capable and independent.

This is how I feel at the moment... but when the day comes that she will leave the nest for real, I'm not so sure I'll be that open minded... for her sake, I hope so... ;-)