Tuesday, September 26, 2017

I Spy ~ MissK's Homestead

~ View from the Backwoods ~

You guys gotta know I wouldn't give it all away at once.
Where's the fun in that... ;-)

I can actually see all 4 of my buildings in this pic :P
Workshop, House, Storage Shed, and the infamous Still Shack.

A little history & links below, if you're interested.

~ Back in 2015 ~ 
I got my Woodlot in March of that year. There was no access by car at the time, so I would park on the neighboring lot and walk through the trees to get there. With my trusty brush axe in hand, I walked around exploring, enjoying the peaceful silence.

Some days felt like I was on a scavenger hunt as I found evidence of previous logging... like items left behind and huge stumps left to age. My guess, is that this piece of land was left untouched for about 60 years. The trees had grown tall and lanky as they searched for the sun, and most of the underbrush was dead from lack of sunlight. It was really dense and difficult to walk through at first. I got really good workouts as I carved my first trails. Very therapeutic ;-)

As I walked around, tearing shit up, I made plans in my head... brainstorming about all the awesome projects I could work on out here. It was all mine, and I couldn't be happier. 

I knew I wanted to build myself a workshop, and somehow, get my ass permanently living over here. The tools I had at the time were limited to basic gardening and pruning, a few power tools I got years back (for the workshop I've always wanted), and the skills leaned from the sum of a few outdoor experiences I'd had growing up. Which were not that many, but they seem to be the ones I remember the most.

I have to take pride in this, I am all by myself (at the time) with limited resources, and all I was itching for, was to do this on my own. I built up my tool arsenal, and skill set as I went along and worked my way through every step. I'm very proud of what I've done so far, and loving the fact that I have no one to answer to but myself ;D

Take a peak at the links below from previous posts.
So far, mostly about the Still Shed... ;-)  

Aug 21, 2015 ~ Quick Trip to My Woodlot

Oct 8, 2015 ~ Relocating ~ ASAP!

Nov 25, 2015 ~ No Escaping it ;)

Just getting started :D


Patrick D said...

Sneaky Girl! Just don't go all hermit and shit, squirreled away back in yer woodlot with yer homemade booze, behind yer claymore bristling defensive perimeter! And don't fergit the cameras, cuz the cong can sneak in at night and turn them damn claymores around backwards, if ya ain't keepin' an eye on 'em!

MissK said...

Not to worry Patrick, I have strategically placed cameras all over, night vision capable. Wasn't gonna leave my property unattended one month after house went up. I can keep an eye on things from a distance until I get back home. So in the meantime... no sneaking allowed :P

Patrick D said...

I am impressed, MissK. Nothing beats a good defensive strategy, but I guess you already know that. Well done, young Jedi, and may the fours be with you...or was that the IIIs? Yeah I know, Kinda lame, but it made me smile, so what the fuck, eh?

Anonymous said...

Somehow congratulations just doesn't say enough. I hope you end up with friendly wild animals hanging around and you do not have nosey neighbors bothering you. Enjoy the fruits of your labor and by all means let us see more of the homestead.


tsquared said...

I would be putting up a deer feeder that is in full view out of most of the windows on the back side of the house. But that is just me.

I have 2 hawks that have a nest on the back side of my property. I throw out corn for the chipmunks to keep the hawks with plenty of food. Deer rob my apple tree every fall of all the apples that they can reach. The deer have gotten used to the security light pointed in that direction.

Irish said...

Awesome. Good for you MissK. Nothing feels better than enjoying accomplishment. 😀

Mike aka Proof said...

Ya done good, kid!

idahobob said...

I'm proud of you, sweetie!

Solo building projects can be very frustrating and rewarding at the same time.

You done good!


MissK said...

Thank you guys :-)