Sunday, June 30, 2013

Rise & Shine :)

Good Morning Everyone :-)

As I enjoy my coffee.... cream, milk, no sugar ;-)

Gonna be a beautiful warm and sunny day today. A nice change, since it's been raining most of the week. And that also means "back to work", which is progressing very well I might add. I took a few pics here and there along the way... looking forward to sharing those. 

I'm also looking forward to sitting down and replying all those awesome comments I got in my "Coming Clean" post, I really do appreciate your words. Y'all made me smile and totally confirmed what I already knew.... That y'all are a bunch of crazy fun dudes with good values and even bigger hearts. Hope Everyone has a wonderful restful Sunday.
Laters.... :-)


billf said...

Good morning to you,too.You are also a crazy fun dude(er,dudette),with a big heart.It's good to know you.
Have a GREAT Sunday!!

guttridgeg1 said...


Anonymous said...

VERY STRONG coffee cream two sugar's per 1/2L (1/2 Liter MINIMUM) ---Ray

MissK said...

Thank you Bill.... GREAT big smile for ya :-)

You too Guttridge ;-)

Ray? Liters?? Not ounces or half gallons? :-)