Saturday, June 15, 2013

~ Dusty's Breaking Out!! ~

30 days and counting.....

On my Roll Call Post dated May 21, 
I was informed by Sheriff Deputy Miller 
that one of my blog buddies was being held behind bars 
for 30 days after causing a little ruckus... tsk tsk! 

Well it seems like today is your day Dusty.. I know, I know,
should have been yesterday but my internet was acting up,
so I let you rot one extra night, my bad.... ;-)

So the deal was that I would make sure 
your horse was standing by when you got sprung.

Now, I know you have been dreaming about this day, 
but your horse seems to have run off :-(
So in light of keeping my word, 
I have provided some choices for you... ;-)

I have mine.... now you pick yours.


Or White?

Maybe a saddle buddy?

Or a fully loaded sidekick?

You can carry the guns ;-)

Maybe you'd like to go a little wild?

Or slightly evil?

Or maybe down right corny?

How bout this little guy?

Unless you're feeling horny?

I think this one might fit you better :-)

Looking Good ;-)

Dusty Trail is Free!!

Now you can ride off into the sunset 
like the outlaw that you are.... ;-)

1 comment:

Dusty Trail said...

Thanks for remembering my release and bringing my horse! It all started as an innocent couple of beers at the local watering hole. Things heated up when the girls Rodeo club arrived. How was I to know the County Commissioners daughter was in the Rodeo Club!
She cheats at strip poker anyway
;-o And yes, you picked the right horse.