Tuesday, November 5, 2013

My Accountability Post of the Day...

There's a few different reasons I call this blog My Escape (Mon évasion...). So when I get a bit of free time at home I tend to focus my attention here (Blog ~ Internet ~ Laptop) and forget about "things" for a while. Which is nice, for a few moments... 'till I turn around, or look at my watch. So I'm gonna try a little accountability, like I talked about in my "Time 2 Simplify" Page, to see if it helps me check things off my to do list, and still get some blogging time in my day, like I want. I'm sure this is gonna be trial and error, but hey, I'm in the mood so, here goes... ;-)

I'll Update Bellow every little while

What I got done today....
I'm gonna skip over some of the routine and TMI stuff ;-)
and just get into filling up my "quiet time".
P.S. y'all may notice a hint of frustration, gotta get it out of my system somehow :P
  • Brought in some fire wood good for a couple days and made a nice warm fire.
  • Sorted all the laundry that pilled up over the weekend when I was out of the house, working.
  • Worked on this post...
  • Made lunch, like I do everyday. Even when I work I come home to make him lunch. Would be nice to get a brake once and a while.
  • Finished this post.
  • Checked a few things online.
  • Stoke Fire
  • Cleaned up the kitchen and did about half the dishes that pilled up over the weekend. I don't have a dishwasher. I let them air dry, so I'll do the other half later. I'd like to give a huge pat on the back to all the men out there that make meals and clean up... just, Thank You!
  • "Caption This" Post
  • Another load of laundry and folded clothes
  • Stoke Fire
  • Reset the rodent traps. Yeah, always have fucking mice this time of year.
  • Some phone business
  • Post :-)
  • Daughter home from school. Time for chit chat & school work
  • Got about 40 minutes of quiet time left....
This might seem trivial but it helped me get more done.
Thanks for putting up with my nonsense ;-)


billf said...

Wow,a busy day!!Good for you,but good to see you can save some time for yourself.
If I had a woman who made the fire,did the laundry and dishes,and made my lunch-I'd take her out for dinner.
BTW,two things,I hope you never stop blogging because I love your insights and comments(and redheads),and I get the feeling that time with your daughter was the most important thing you did today.

West Tx at Heart said...

Sounds like you got it all handeled... Damn fine job!