Monday, September 25, 2017

~ Blog Evolution ~

Someone once told me : "On se fait le cadeau d'une vie"
...loosely translated: "Give yourself the Gift of Life"

 It kinda stuck with me, and helped me push through a very difficult chapter, helping me realize what I did want out of life. I'm in a better place now, and feel I need to dot a few i's were the blog is concerned.

I kinda put My World on the backburner lately,
all the while knowing I couldn't stay away
for too long.

I went in and out a few times, going from over 100 posts per month to sometimes none. My interests and content has changed over time, that's a given. Although, I feel the essence is the same, because I'm still me... 
But I find myself looking for a new blog purpose.

I know I enjoy sharing random parts of myself that feel slightly taboo in my current reality... but strangely, this blog, and the likes of y'all, often feels more like home to me.

When I started my blog, it truly was an "Escape" for me, and I hoped, for others as well. Definitely a way to express myself, that is still the case, but what I get out of it is evolving.
Creating is my focus now. 

My life has totally changed over the past few years,
opening doors that once felt so unreachable.

                                                                                   I'm learning to trust my instincts and not let other's opinions influence my decisions. One of the biggest hurdles for me was to recognize all the self imposed limitations I had put on myself. Basically, just taking responsibility for your life sucking. 
Seems simple, but realizing that the things you've thought about, and actions you took over the span of your life have lead you to NOW, makes one see that you CAN take your life in the direction that you want. And have the things and experiences you want, by simply changing your thoughts and actions.

I read over the last few lines, and think: Dah, that's like obvious. But we get stuck in ruts, bad habits and routines, and perpetuate the very thing we want to avoid by allowing it to occupy our minds, and assuming that outside circumstances are controlling us. I've always been one to put up a fight against those "circumstances" ...unfortunately, within the context of those damn self imposed limitations. So I never got very far.

Putting myself in the creative mindset has definitely helped me push through the crap and find joy in life again ;-)

I can no longer view my world as an "Escape"
as I prefer my Life to be one I enjoy,
not one I look to get away from.

And since My Blog is part of My Life, I will continue to express my interests, and all the weird taboo parts of me. In the hopes that you find here something that fits for you in one way or another.

To many more years of randomness !!
I'm happy you are here... ;-)


Anonymous said...

In regards to "this blog, and the likes of y'all, often feels more like home to me" - the digital world allows for virtual communities instead of physical ones.
Like-minded people set up these communities, and yes - you are home in it.
So...welcome home.

- Anonymous Occasional Lurker

taminator013 said...

As you said: To many more years of randomness !!
I'm happy you are here... ;-)

and we are also happy that you are here..............

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you finished and came back. I missed you.---Ray

stevierayv said...

Your blog needs more babes:)
Just sayin be well girl

Anonymous said...

Enjoy seeing you back. I know I would like to see and hear about your home in the woods when you can share. Try and have a little fun every day.


Mike aka Proof said...

My philosophy has always been to write a blog that I myself would enjoy reading. Not for the "click bait" or what I think someone else wants to see, just me. I figure anyone who enjoys the same things I do will hang around and everyone else can go looking for what they want someplace else.

Just be yourself. Mission accomplished!

Patrick D said...

"...self imposed limitations..interesting," I says to myself, as my eyes begin to open wider, and look not only out, but within, as well
Spent too much of my life keeping shit bottled up inside me. Grew up in a small town where everybody knew everybody, and everybody's business and doings. Too much judgement, based on what they thought was right, so it must be the only right. Now there is the totally uninhibited, anonymous "I can say and do whatever shit I want." and that ain't right neither. I may be new to this whole blogosphere type shit, but I think a moderator is a fine thing, if you can find one you like and trust. My family's got a history of being somewhat empathic, an' I like to think I got some of that in me. I get a feel for folks early on....sometimes good, sometimes not. It has saved my ass more 'n once, in some pretty critical situations. You ain't gotta see people to read 'em, neither. The vibrations are in the air. MissK, I get nothing but good vibes radiatin' off you, so I figger I can trust you to moderate in a reasonable manner. Mebee that's part of the evolution you're talking about? Ain't exactly like yer the boss of all of us....more like yer the choreographer or musical director, leading us with thoughts and prompts in the form of posts and pics, thoughtfully directing the flow of the creative energies around you, that you have lured in with the burning flame of your passionate, creative nature. A community, yes, but more. And yes, evolving, as is the true nature of all living things. Learning from the thoughts and emotions of others. Whatthefuck's that word....symbiosis? Mutually beneficial interaction, I guess? In other words, kind of a support group...."Hi, my name is pat, and I like to talk about my woody" Some laugh, some cry, some leave in disgust, but the moderator gets to say "disgusting, get out!" or "It's healthy to be able to express yourself so honestly", while others lurk in the shadows, thinking, "interesting, I wonder where this story will pat a prevert, or does he just have this odd, classic coke bottle shaped woody, or something"
Guess my point is that while we learn to interact, and express ourselves (hey, learning is lifelong or not at all folks!)we do so in a controlled environment where our gracious host decides, to whatever extent she chooses what behavior is acceptable, and what should be discouraged. A truly awesome responsibility! But when performed with appropriate compassion, empathy, and reason, and when choreographed with subtle or abrupt reminders as to "what direction do we want this to go".....Fuck, no way I would want all that responsibility and power, I'd be too afraid I'd abuse it. Not to denigrate men, but more in praise of womankind, I would be more inclined to trust in the persuasion and guidance of a female authority figure to give direction to a properly harmonious symbiotic community. Holy Fuck, MissK! I writ me a fuckin' book! Good thing is, it is all in praise, however indirect at times, of your supercreative choreographing of a community of what, like 1.8 million fucking people....coming and going?
Whatever you do, going forward, I'd like to swing along for the ride, and see where it goes, if I may?
Whether you approve this shit to post, or decide it's a bit too much...I am sincerely grateful for having had the opportunity to tell you what a valuable community service you have provided. You, as just honestly you, taboo to some or no, is one awesome fuckin' person! P.S. I ain't really all that fond of talkin' about woody, I just threw that out there as my (lame?) attempt at comic relief.

millerized said...

Author Richard Bach said in his book "Illusions"
“You are never given a dream without also being given the power to make it true. You may have to work for it, however.”
Good things come to those who work for them. I had a plate engraved for my checkbook with that saying to remind me.
Looks like you worked your ass off :-) Congrats!

idahobob said...

Honey, you are not weird or strange. It's those other people out there that think that they are normal that are.

It is really difficult not to get stuck in the ruts of life, 'cause sometimes they get comfortable. But you know, we have to strike out on our own and discover who we are and then run that path. Sometimes we stumble and fall, but then we get up, brush ourselves off and get back to it. Never, never, never, lay there and feel defeated. Keeping the goal in mind, we run with joy and exuberance.

I'm glad that you have decided to stay here and share with us, 'cause I'm going to be here, listening, and sharing in return. :-) :-*