Saturday, September 30, 2017

Take Flight

Jack brought up the story I wrote a few years ago, about flying with my father in his plane. I had to read it again.
That "moment in time" is definitely one of my favorite. 

My Dad's Plane (one of 'em)

This is the picture I have on my sidebar, so it's not very clear.
I have more at home I could post, but since I'm not there for a while,
I had to settle for this one ;-)

If you wanna read the story,
just click on This LINK


Patrick D said...

I had read the story, but I had to go back and read it again because I remembered how much I liked it. Very well written in that it made me almost feel I was there with you. Reread the comments, too. Yeah, I think maybe they're right, and you do have a lot of yer Pa in ya.

tsquared said...

That brings back memories. I had an uncle that was a single engine instructor and he gave all his nieces and nephews lessons for the price of fuel. Of the planes he had my favorite was a '53 Cessna 170B taildragger.

AHH!!! said...

Hows the daughter if that's not too intrusive?