Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Wednesday Weirdness

Time for another Pic Dump !

Have a good one ;-)


idahobob said...

The first one, I really get........dancing to ones own tune, totally out of sinc with the rest of the world. That would be me!

The rest of 'em puts a big smile on my face!

And you, kitten, have a good 'un also!


Patrick D said...

4, 7, & 10.
The inner idiot comes out to play when Jack Daniels is around mostly.
I don't have to be buzzed to fuck with grenades and shit.
And I just luvs titties!
Oh, and 10, cuz few things I likes better 'n ta see a happy pussy!
Honorable mention to whoever got creative with the tree. That shows quite an imagination! The rest of 'ems good too.
Thanks, MissK. Brightened what was otherwise a rather uninspiring day.