Saturday, August 29, 2015

~ My New Phone ~

I had the the S4mini before. I liked it, but it was getting
kinda hard to do all the random stuff I like ;-)

The basics are similar, so the learning curve ain't too bad.
Anyone out there using the Note 4?

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Anonymous said...

Yah my wife loves hers. She carries TWO "smart phones". I on the other hand ,don't carry one at all. I do own an old pre pay flip phone. You can't even take pictures with it. (I still have a bag with like five SLR's ,if that's my "thing" today). But I almost never turn it on. After about ten years it still holds a charge, and has like 800 days and 3000 min. so I guess I'll keep it. I also like that its pre GPS, and can't store anything that wouldn't show up on the land line bill. I guess that's what I get for remembering when "star trek" "batman" "the monkies" "gunsmoke" and the "flintstones" were all on TV in the same week. ---Ray