Sunday, June 28, 2015

Good Morning!! :)

One step at a time, things are moving forward.

My daughter has graduated and moving on to the next phase of her life. We still have lots to do, prepping her for University, but things are on schedule :-)

Now on my end, my little woodlot is feeling more and more like home. I'm getting fairly organized for getting out there and doing some work. Still at the clearing stage, but I got a few surprises in place ;-)

I would like to focus more attention on my blog. I've been neglecting it and I don't like that :( I'm not the same as I was when I first started, but I'm still me... perhaps a little more grounded and a lot more independent. So let's where this road takes us... ;-)


Anonymous said...

If I remember my high school French from the 70's: "Bienvenue chez toi"

I stop by every few days to see if you have something new. You have been missed.


MissK said...

Merci beaucoup :-)

Grog said...

Good morning, Miss K, good to read your new life direction is shaping up as you wish it. :)

Keep up updated as you have time, we'll be here. :)

Peut-être la bonne fortune de votre fondation.

Anonymous said...

I'm Glad your back. Missed you! The nature of life is change. Happy people can deal with change. Unhappy people , not so much. ---Ray

Navy91 said...

Still here, glad you're back, and congratulations!

Anonymous said...

I would venture to say that your little wood lot is more important than your blog but I would miss seeing you here. Perhaps you could take some pictures now and again and keep us updated without spending a lot of your time.

I hope your daughter continues to progress.


billf said...

Great to hear from you,I understand how busy your life must be.Keep us informed as you get the chance,and good luck to you and your daughter.

idahobob said...

I'm glad to see that life seems to be shaping up for you. You had a difficult time of it for a while.

Miss your regular posts, but enjoy 'em when you do post.

Keeping you and your daughter in my thoughts. :-)


show me one socialist success in world history said...

Yeah, what everyone else said above and as far as any French words of wisdom, the only words I know are "voulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir".

Yeah, I know. What other French words wouldja need to know?

MissK said...

Rhetorical question, Show me... ;-)

Thanks Bob, one step at a time :-)

I'm on it Billf ;-)

I do owe y'all some pictures, eh Jack ;-)

Thanks Navy :-)

Ray, only constant in life is change... thank God for change :-)

Je l'espère, Grog ;-)