Thursday, October 5, 2017

~ Sweet Dreams ~


Patrick D said...

Oh, they will be now! Thanks for the Dream Fairy to watch over 'm for us, MissK! You truly are a precious, empathic young Lady. I used to say it a lot to my sweet young Daughter, and I say it now to You, "May The Good Lord Bless You and Watch over Your Dreams".
She's off at her first year of college now....things do not always flow smoothly, but with proper parental support and wisdom, I think she'll get through this okay.
The Beautiful full moon tonight is wonderfully complimented by the image you've posted! Again, my heartfelt thanks!

Anonymous said...

Nice. I love your world. Sorry I have been absent of late. I have a Flu---Ray

Anonymous said...

So I'm setting in the living room when the kid gets home from school. She go's to get a snack and I hear: "I STAB THEE WITH THE PLASTIC SPORK!!" Then runs through the room yelling "SEE FATHER THE VILE BEAST BE DEAD" while waving a cold chicken leg over her head. G_D help me! Four more years of drama club!---Ray

idahobob said...

I've been sleeping real well and having wonderful dreams! Must be 'cause fall is in the air! ;-D