Monday, October 9, 2017

~ Happy Canadian Thanksgiving ~

How 'bout leftovers ?


tsquared said...

Enjoy the festivities!

Patrick D said...

And a Happy Thanksgiving to You too, MissK!
Cool Colors.
Oh boy does that ham look GOOD!
After that the message gets a bit fuzzy..a she beaver with a maple leaf bra riding a Canada Goose......Oh, I get it! They're yelling "Happy Fuckin' Thanksgiving!"
The Polar Bear's easy. She's thinking, "I'd eat you fuckers and the ham too, if I hadn't already filled up on pumpkin pie! Maybe after I rest up for a day or so..."

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours up there!


idahobob said...

Here's hoping that yours is happy and blessed!


Mike aka Proof said...

Happy Thanksgiving! And bcause we're friends, we'll forgive you Canadians for getting the date wrong every year! : )

Anonymous said...

Happy Turkduckin day! Or ham. MMMMM Ham.---Ray